Allied Kinetics

Work by:
Adriana Varella
Peter Mackie
Chris Herbeck
Ben Marxen

Opening Event:

Saturday, February 9th
6-10 p.m.

The Leo Kuelbs Collection is proud to announce the opening of its latest show, “Allied Kinetics.” This video-based group show features a selection of vibrant, kinetic projections and installations. Brazilian video-artist, Adriana Varella’s work has appeared around the world and we are pleased to be able to include several of her pieces for the first time in New York City, where she now resides. A self described, “Born Anarchist,” Adriana’s work mixes sculpture, photography, video and installation and presents them in sometimes unusual, unsettling ways.

“Maneuver,” one of Adriana’s most popular projections will be presented in a window and available for (far off) viewing by those traveling on the FDR.Peter Mackie’s “Kinetic Paintings” recently appeared in the Fulton Ferry State Park and will now be presented indoors, for the first time. Peter’s work has also appeared around the world and resides in many international collections, as well.Chris Herbeck’s latest installation/sculpture uses pop art refuse to create a small world of weirdly playful isolation. His “Ghost Bike” piece is also on display for the last time during the run of this exhibit.Ben Marxen’s brand new video-sculptures emphasize process, as time-lapse Gordian knots—a metaphor for an unsolvable problem—wind and unwind themselves continually. Ben lives and works in Brooklyn.