Blueprints and Perspectives

Part of Aurora 2013 in Dallas, Texas, October 18th

Created by 3_Search

“Blueprints and Perspectives” considers perceptions of singular and plural identities. Whether it is our relationships with family, colleagues, friends, we are all individual parts in a variety of constellations, all eventually proving to be connected, in some degree. Contributing artists considered what it means to be an observer as well as the observed, a crucial point in a fabric that stretches across the universe.

This expanding dichotomy was played out on The Wyly Building as part of Aurora, an outdoor exhibition of light, video, sound, performance and other interactive artwork in the U.S. presenting over 90 national and international artists.

As a reflection of the Aurora 2013 greater curatorial notion, “The Light of Convergence,” “Blueprints and Perspectives” offered further proof of the interconnected nature of our world. It also highlights the community building efforts of this year’s Aurora event. “Blueprints and Perspectives” exists as authentic analogy of Dallas’ Arts district’s evolving sense of self and place in the international community.”

Press coverage of “Blueprints and Perspectives” in The Dallas Morning News.

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Installation view of Blueprints and Perspectives in Dallas, TX. Photo Courtesy of Monica Salazar, Berlin Art Link