Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 & Leo Kuelbs:
“The Expanding Universe”



Created by Leo Kuelbs and Glowing Bulbs
For Dom Perignon; May, 2013
Hautvillers, France




“The Expanding Universe” is a new, multi-surface projection presented at the Abbey at Hautvillers, France: the home of Dom Perignon. Hautvillers’ long and fruitful history will be bridged through time, creating an almost abstract narrative, which weaves together past, present and future.


Curated by Leo Kuelbs and visualized by Glowing Bulbs Artists’ Group, ideas central to “The Expanding Universe” are analogous to the art of creation itself. Expanding, twisting through time, redefining what is classic while honoring all that came before it, “The Expanded Universe” will allow viewers to enter into the universe that is held within the glass, traveling deep within and through the DNA of Dom Perignon.

Video by FirmaFormat

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