Berlin Pop-Up Gallery
September 2015 - September 2016

Fata Morgana Project Space Gallery
170 Torstrasse
Berlin, Mi


Fata Morgana is a one-year collaboration between a wide-array of creators reflecting Berlin’s ever-evolving identity as an International Creative Capital.  Leo Kuelbs Collection is proud to be partner of this exciting Berlin gallery project! Work as diverse as paintings, photographs, mapping, video, light works, performance and art events will fill the Torstrasse space, also known as Sur La Montagne, a creative event site for many years. Several events will be presented each month, with a variety of exhibitions, special screenings, parties and private events filling out the Fata Morgana schedule.

Gallery Partners:

Leo Kuelbs Collection
Sleek Art (Sleek Magazine)
Sandra Ratkovic (Chased Magazine)
Drew Simpson (Painter)
Glowing Bulbs (Visual Artist Group)
Johann Nowack (DNA Gallery) 
Devon Elise Atkins (Video Artist)
Roger Valentin Mandt (Photographer)
Roland Moreau (Sculptor)

Opening hours gallery:
Wednesday - Saturday 12 am - 5 pm during exhibitions, unless specified otherwise in our program.