Closing Event

Last Chance to see this Killer Show

Thursday, November 1st
6-9 p.m.
as part of DUMBO First Thursdays Art Event
by appointment through November 4th

Greatest Hits Opening and Party News

Good Lord! The two events that have, so far, been a part of “The Greatest Hits” show have been greatest hits in themselves.The work of the twelve artists included went over very well as did the overall installation of said work.

First there was opening on Saturday, September 29th, which was held during DUMBO Art Center’s Art Under the Bridge Festival. Twelve artists—ranging from current grad students to extremelyestablished art stars—were pitted together in a show that highlighted a juxtaposition between 2D and 3D work, bringing together painting with wall sculpture, wall drawing, ceiling art and devices. It was a crazy blend highlighted by Chris Herbeck’s “Ghost Bike” wall drawing/installation + video and Olek’s “Untitled”ceiling hanging/bed art piece commissioned specifically for this event.

The opening itself was packed and onlookers enjoyed wine from Provence and Burgundy. Roundly acknowledged as one of the weekend best shows and parties, Leo Kuelbs Collection was thrilled to be able to host such a wonderful event. A really great time with great work in every corner.

Then there was October 20th’s “Greatest Hits Party” which featured, besides the artwork, four readers and live music. Two of the readers, Paul D. Dickinson and Sam Osterhout, are part of “Lit 6,” a group of Minneapolis-based writers whose “radio show” (think a more contemporary, twisted Prairie Home Companion) has been picked up for broadcast by Minnesota Public Radio. There a talks for more possibilities for the Lit 6 group and we wish them well. Both Paul and Sam kicked it, with Paul D. delivering a smattering of his “Punk Rock”poetry and Mr. Osterhout doing an essay about deer ticks, danglers and divorce. Great stuff.

Crumpled Press owner, Jordan McIntyre unveiled his latest, “13 Poems,”to the crowd to excellent effect while Park Slope poetry superstar Charles Butler literally had two people crying by the end of his short set.

Butcher Slim provided the music later. A Texas-bred NYC transplant, Slim brought his own crowd, who blended nicely and the night turned out to be a great one with post-parties raging and lots of happy people bumping into each other.

Curators from the Met were apparently in the house, checking out Lynn Butler’s 3D work while other curators from Europe scoped work by a few other artists.

What’s Next: As part of the First Thursday event in DUMBO, Leo Kuelbs Collection will open its doors (Thursday, November 1st) to the public one last time to see “Greatest Hits.” The show remain hung until November 4th for by appointment viewing.

A surprise winter show is in the works. Should be pretty hot plus, Olek’s bed art piece will be on display through the winter months, as well.Then there’s talk of a figurative show in early spring and a few other exciting events taking place later on in 2008.Kick it!



A barrage of installation, 2D + 3D art objects and devices
by appointment through November 4th

New Work by:
Chris Herbeck 
Lynn Butler
Peter Mackie
Rory MacArthur
Lindsey Nobel
Frank Gaard 
Kinara Lundberg
Bill Wormley
Chris Preciado

Inaugural Party and Exhibition of…The Leo Kuelbs Collection

Saturday, May 19th6-10 p.m.50 Bridge St. #516 (at Water)Brooklyn, NY 11201

Special Live performance by Project Jenny, Project Janfollowed by Dj Columbo (Classic TV Themes and Hard Edge Pop)

Work by:Gav Barbey (Paintings from Australia)
Narunas Bukauskas (Modern Abstract)
Eve Clendenin (Vintage Abstract Expressionism)
Sena Clara Creston (Lightbox Constructions)
Jordan Eagles (Blood and Resin works)
Chris Herbeck (Video, Drawings and Sound works)
Tommy Hoppe (Figurative; NYC)
Kinara Lundberg (Norwegian Figurative)
Michael Markos (Photographs)
Stu Spence (Photographs from Australia)
Laura Splan (Bio-Medical Imagery)and others.