3_Search and LKC Present:
“Immersion Threshold”

Multi-artist FULLDOME event!! 
The Planetarium in Budapest, Hungary
Feb 14th, 2014

Concept: Leo Kuelbs and Glowing Bulbs
Artists: Bordos, Glowing Bulbs, Michelle and Bryan Dodson
Music: FaltyDL, Bin Jip, Johann Johannsson 

“Immersion Threshold” is an exploration of the liquid surface where above touches below; beyond the last moment of daytime, yet not the first moment of night; the pre-flicker of a dream and the passage between the terrestrial and the extra. With overhead visuals by Glowing Bulbs, Michelle and Bryan Dodson, and Bordos deepened by music from Bin Jip, FaltyDL, and Studio H, “Immersion Threshold” is a virtual place, located somewhere within the border between yin and yang.

Presented by 3_Search and Curated by Leo Kuelbs, “Immersion Threshold” begins its journey in Budapest, an important center for projection mapping and music. With scheduled stops in other European and American cities, “Immersion Threshold” seeks to expand its explorations of the paradoxes of opposition in multiple contexts. 

This celebration of the commonalities of opposites reflects the great paradoxes of life and love, as well as the secrets to and through doorways through the past and into the future. “Immersion Threshold” is two hands on the baton of eternal opposition, and it is coming to a Fulldome environment near you.

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Images: stills from “Perpetual Flux” by Michelle and Bryan Dodson
s Part of "Immersion Threshold," Budapest, February 14th, 2014