“Liquid Luminescence”

Live 3-D Projection Mapping by Glowing Bulbs
Curated by Leo Kuelbs
as part of Dom Perignon’s
“Luminous Evening” Event

September 20th, 2013
P1 Nightclub, Munich

Munich’s P1 Nightclub played host to the latest collaboration between Curator Leo Kuelbs and the Glowing Bulbs Creative Team. “Liquid Luminescence” is inspired by Dom Perignon and seeks to turn light into liquid.  Over 100 clips were created and mixed live by Glowing Bulbs VJs as DJ MOSEY aka Pierre Sarkozy spun.  This fluid interplay between light and sound was projected on two massive walls above the legendary Nightclub.

Selections of the one-night only live event were replayed each night for 8 days, accompanying Munich’s famed Oktoberfest bash.  Glowing Bulbs and Mr. Kuelbs have also presented 2012’s “Divine Coalescence” and 2013’s “The Expanding Universe” for Dom Perignon.

“The challenge for the artists was to change light into liquid.  The creative team at Glowing Bulbs then came up with about one hundred different examples of this idea and this vast selection of material is mixed live as DJ Mosey spins.  It’s a fluid interchange between the music and mapped content.  By the way, this is all played out on two massive walls above P1 and presented on monitors around the club.  It’s an amazing atmosphere and rare opportunity.” 

“Of course, the inspiration for ‘Liquid Luminescence’ comes from working closely with Dom Perignon on several projects.  The team at Glowing Bulbs and I have had an evolving relationship with the brand (See: ‘Divine Coalescence’ and ‘The Expanding Universe’) and we are always searching for new ways to artistically interact with and represent the brand.  Glowing Bulbs come from the VJ world and we decided to embrace that approach for ‘Liquid Luminescence.’  The other two shows started from more conceptual places, this one started with the VJ medium, then moods were developed based on a set of ideas about the brand, a color palette, and the venue.” - Curator, Leo Kuelbs

Images: Stills from “Liquid Luminescence,” Mapped VJ Event; Created by Glowing Bulbs, Curated by Leo Kuelbs; Munich, Germany;  September, 2013.  Image by Glowing Bulb