Patron Magazine features Leo Kuelbs and Aurora Dallas

Patron Magazine features Aurora, the projected image art festival in Dallas, and Leo Kuelbs in their Fall 2013 issue. 3_Search will be creating a projection for Aurora in October.


Here is an excerpt from the article  ”Process of illumination,” by Patricia Mora:

There’s yet another player on the Aurora stage that deserves attention: Leo Kuelbs. He created a curatorial tour de force for Dom Pérignon, Divine Coalescence, that promises to be a foreshadowing of what folks are likely to see gracing the walls of the Wyly. As a work, it left people weeping. It can only be assumed that’s precisely the effect spectacular beauty flaring at night has on onlookers. Kuelbs is a veteran of public video installations that have utilized the Manhattan Bridge and the historical Bärensaal Berlin. The latter was used in the making of the aforementioned event for the famed champagne house. He and his business partner, Farkas Fülöp, created a lush spectacle that is a current version of the Sistine Chapel—only better. It’s evocative and gorgeous without subjecting anyone to tales of Vatican intrigue. In fact, Kuelbs easily segues into conversations about current physics and Buddhist teachings. He’s a Renaissance man with a remarkable sense of aesthetics—and Dallas residents will soon be the beneficiary of his talent and his work “as a VJ—like a DJ, only with images.”

Kuelbs is highly articulate and speaks stridently about 2012—literally—being the end of an era. “Now people are working together and there’s a new communal fabric,” he says. “Look, this event is great. The mayor, everyone, is on board. Dallas is the right place and this is the right time. There’s such a feeling of community. This is all completely authentic. The concept and the process is the same.”

You can download the whole article here.