Video+Sound Show

Radiator Gallery
10-61 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City, NY 11106Tel: 1.347.677.3418 

March 21st-April 25th


Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke
Sam Marlow and Alon Cohen
Nicole Antebi and Laura Ortman
Kitzinger Gabor and Alex Hamadey
Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps and Fabio Fonda
United VJs
Jim Ellis

Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Karl Erickson

“Submerged!” made its North American debut at Radiator Gallery in Long Island City, NYC. 

Radiator Gallery, located in Long Island City, NYC, has continuously presented a cutting-edge program of conceptual and international works. With its ingenious integration of gallery and studio spaces, Radiator not only presents, butalso develops new artists and ideas for the international arts community. Innovative programming also moves beyond Radiator’s walls. International exchanges and off-site collaborations round out Radiator’s ambitious program. 

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Images: exhibition announcement for Radiator Gallery

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