Vadim Schaeffler, Still from “Motion,” 2009      

Vadim Schaeffler, Still from “Motion,” 2009




Temporary Con

Pop-up Video Program

Work shown in windows at Torstrasse 170 and Z-Bar at Bergstrasse 2

On the evenings of Friday, July 23rd and Saturday, July 24th


Bar Z
Bergstrasse 2
Mitte, Berlin

Work by:
Nilton Maltz
Vadim Schaeffler
Matl Findel

A two night, pop-up video show featuring work by Matl Findel, Vadim Schaeffler and Nilton Maltz back-projected on selected windows in Mitte. “Temporary Con” explores the nature of a reality that is not as it seems, a shifting manipulation, an apparition–then it is gone.

A special opening party will be held at Z-Bar on Friday night at 9.30 p.m.

Curated on the fly by Leo Kuelbs