Leo Kuelbs, p hoto by Travis Manning          

Leo Kuelbs, photo by Travis Manning




Bordos, Adelaide Festival of Arts 2015, Photo by Tony Kearne         

Bordos, Adelaide Festival of Arts 2015, Photo by Tony Kearne




dandelion and burdock, freightliner projection

dandelion and burdock, freightliner projection

About the Artists

Leo Kuelbs/Curator
Curator Leo Kuelbs conceived of the “Sense/Coalescence” while in consultation with Kitzinger Gabor from Glowing Bulbs.  Mr. Kuelbs was also the curator of “Blueprints and Perspectives,” a 2013 mapping presentation as part of Aurora 2015.  Working mostly in video art, Mr. Kuelbs has presented award-winning programs for Dom Perignon, Tiffany and Company and others, as well as multiple public art presentations on the Manhattan Bridge and fine art presentations in dozens of galleries in Europe and the USA.  Mr. Kuelbs is the lead curator on “Sense/Coalescence” as well as the LIGHT YEAR projection project in Brooklyn, USA and the Projekt Almanak Gallery in Berlin.

Key Video: “Divine Coalescence” for Dom Perignon:


Contact: lkuelbscollection@gmail.com


Glowing Bulbs/Sound Reactive and VJ Visuals   
The Glowing Bulbs team has been creating and presenting work in Europe and the USA for close to 20 years.  Based in Budapest and NYC, Glowing Bulbs have collaborated on some of the most well-recognized mapping presentations in the last several years.  They were the lead animation team on Aurora 2013’s “Blueprints and Perspectives,” 2012’s “Codex Dynamic” on the Manhattan Bridge, and “Divine Coalescence” in Berlin.  Glowing Bulbs (also known in Hungarian as Kieggo Izzok) are creating the Sound-reactive visuals accompanying the score by Joris Blanckaert, as performed by Elise Caluwaerts.  Live VJ content will also be presented by members of Glowing Bulbs, and they have key in the planning of “Sense/Coalescence” as a whole.

Key Video: Glowing Bulbs 2012 Showreel:


Contact: Farkas Fulop: izzovizio@gmail.com


John Ensor Parker/Mapping Curator and Artist:      
John Ensor Parker has been a key part of several public art mapping events as an artist and/or a curator.  “Color Theory,” created for Tiffany and Company was presented at the Guggenheim Museum in 2012 and he was lead curator for the mapping portion of 2014’s New York Festival of Light.  His work was also a part of “Blueprints and Perspectives,” as part of Aurora 2013. Mr. Parker is the curator of the mapping portion of “Sense/Coalescence,” as well as a participating artist and organizer of the event.  The title of the mapping portion of “Sense/Coalescence” is “This Is, Because That Is.”  Here’s a quote from the text: “From ancient days to contemporary times, philosophy, spirituality, society and science have all purported this common undertone of universal interdependency and unity.  Regardless of what belief system(s) to which one prescribes, we are all connected and as individual entities, make the whole.”

Key Video: “Color Theory” at the Guggenheim Museum for Tiffany and Company:


Contact: john@natureofenergy.com


3_Search/Who are they?
When John Ensor Parker, Glowing Bulbs and Leo Kuelbs work together, they are sometimes known as 3_Search.  “Sense/Coalescence,” because it has so many other collaborators is not a 3_Search show.  3_Search shows include: 2013’s “Blueprints and Perspectives,” in Dallas, the Mapping portion of New York Festival of Lights in 2014, as well as Codex Dynamic in 2013, and the monthly LIGHT YEAR projections (2015-2016) on the Manhattan Bridge.

More Info and Videos: http://3-search.org/


Joris Blanckaert/Composer       
Composer Joris Blanckaert began with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering before moving over to mastering music as a composer and musician.  He has written and presented three operas between 2010 and 2013.  His work is a shifting balance of classic and contemporary, surprising, fresh and dramatic.  Scientific underpinnings support Mr. Blackearts ability to create in thoughtful ways that present opportunities for deeper thought, feeling and connection.


Elise Caluwaerts/Performer
Antwerp based Coloratura Elise Caluwaerts began her career as a singer in the Baroque style, but soon added Romance Music, Opera and Contemporary Compositions to her repertoire.  As a Coloratura, Ms. Caluwaerts has an extended vocal range, providing access to her higher register.  This special ability has led to greater demand and an ability to play special roles, such as The Queen of the Night in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” 


Joris Blankaert and Elise Caluwaerts:
Ms. Caluwaerts and Mr. Blanckeart have collaborated on several projects including the operas “The Wandering Womb” and “de diva in Romy Schneider.”  Their mutual interest in science and physics, as well as music, classic and contemporary and the future of visual art, are important factors in the development of the “Sense/Coalescence” concept and final presentation.  The very act of collaboration between themselves and the rest of the “Sense/Coalescence” team is a demonstration of the authenticity of the overall concept.  Mr. Blanckaert’s original composition will be debuted at Aurora 2015, with live vocals performed by Ms. Caluwaerts.  All of this happens while Sound Reactive visuals by Glowing Bulbs dramatically respond to her voice.  Images of Ms. Caluwaerts performing will merge with the shapes, colors and sounds resulting in a 10-15 mn presentation of moments never to be repeated again.  There will be two performances, but each one will be uniquely tuned to respond in different ways.

Key Video: “The Wandering Womb” Live Performance 2013:


Joris Blanckaert on Soundcloud:


Elise Caluwaerts Website:


Contact: Please go through Leo Kuelbs to set up interviews, etc.

Joris Blanckaert: joris.lackaert@gmail.com

Elise Caluwaerts: elise.caluwaerts@gmail.com


N'conduit/Live DJ
Brooklyn-based DJ and Sound Designer, N'conduit approaches his creation of ambient house and pop music with a hands-on approach using synthesizers, drum machines and more to explore a vast terrain of sound from synthetic to organic.  His collaborators (under many different monikers) include Azealia Banks, Katy Perry, Com Truise, Glowing Bulbs and the Leo Kuelbs Collection.  N'conduit’s previous work with members of Glowing Bulbs has grown into regular collaboration and he will DJ to their visuals as part of the “Sense/Coalescence” event.  This live collaboration is at the heart of the concept as sonic cues prompt visual responses and vice-versa.

Key Video: “The Floater” by Kitzinger Gabor (of Glowing Bulbs) and N'conduit:


N'conduit (MC+Hammer) on Soundcloud:



Bordos/Mapping Artist      
Pioneering Mapping Artist, Bordos, has been an integral part of the development of video-mapping world-wide.  Budapest-based, his early VJ career led him into large-scale mapping and marketing events throughout Europe, and finally into making top class public artistic works throughout the world.  Recent large scale shows in Sydney, New York City, Rome and Mexico City are accompanied by shows in galleries, museums and stages supporting Operas and Ballets. Bordos is also known for his collaboration, with his BordosArtWorks team, as well as other artists and curators.  His work recently appeared as part of the “Initiations” program presented by 3_Search as part of 2014’s New York Festival of Light.  He is currently focusing on fine art for private and public settings and has also contributed work to two shows presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection, including “Transflexion: The Net of Mirrors” and “VIEWS,” both 2015.  His work beautifully integrates and visually realizes science and technology as entry points into greater levels of consciousness. 

Key Video:  Showreel at his website: http://bordos.eu/

Contact: Please Contact John Ensor Parker for more information

Email: 3d@bordos.eu


dandelion and burdock/Mapping Artists:     
London-based mapping team dandelion and burdock typically focus on super-detailed and intense marketing events.  Their list of clients includes Samsung, Nokia and Legoland, to name a few.  Their deep connection to the d3 server system, one of the best for video-mapped presentations, has added an array of experience and expanded understanding of the nature of the ever-evolving relationship between technology and creative visual arts.  This merger of technology and the visual arts supports John Ensor Parker’s concept for “This Is, Because That Is,” and their unique, clear and precise style adds another perspective to the overall event.  They have been key collaborators on several projects with other members of the “Sense/Coalescence” team, including supporting and presenting original artistic work for 2014’s New York Festival of Light, and technical support for “The Diamond Sky” presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection in 2014, as well as the award-winning “Codex Dynamic,” presented by 3_Search on the Manhattan Bridge in 2012.   Key Video: “Aggregate” from “Initiations” presented by 3_earch, as part of2014’s New York Festival of Light.  Mn 2.05-2.32:


Contact: Please contact Mapping Curator John E. Parker for more information;

Email: nils@dandelion-burdock.com