Installation shot from LIGHT YEAR 1: "Submerged!" presented on the Manhattan Bridge, June 2015. Still from "The Floater," by Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps and Fabio Fonda.

Installation shot from LIGHT YEAR 1: "Submerged!" presented on the Manhattan Bridge, June 2015. Still from "The Floater," by Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps and Fabio Fonda.

Still from Joon Kim's "Blue Fish," Digital Medium, 2012, as part of LIGHT YEAR 9: "Silence," Curated by Leo Kuelbs, Presented by 3_Search. Photo by Tomas Eller

Still from Joon Kim's "Blue Fish," Digital Medium, 2012, as part of LIGHT YEAR 9: "Silence," Curated by Leo Kuelbs, Presented by 3_Search. Photo by Tomas Eller


still from ÁDÁM SZABÓ (HU) M, 2012 Video, 0:53 min loop, as Part of Light Year 5: "Chimera Presents..."

still from ÁDÁM SZABÓ (HU) M, 2012 Video, 0:53 min loop, as Part of Light Year 5: "Chimera Presents..."

Leo Kuelbs Collection

Light Year

Multiple-Event Manhattan Bridge Projection Project
co-presented with the DUMBO Improvement District in conjunction with DUMBO First Thursdays.

Dumbo, Brooklyn
Anchorage Place and Pearl St.
May 2015 - Ongoing
First Thursdays (dusk-10 pm)
+Special Presentations TBD


Live Stream all LIGHT YEAR exhibitions here!

Note: the live stream is viewable on the first Thursday of every month, starting at noon EST, for 24 hours.


Light Year

The Manhattan Bridge comes alive with LIGHT YEAR, an ongoing program of projected video art presented every First Thursday of the month since 2015. Through curated exhibitions, LIGHT YEAR connects viewers to a global selection of contemporary video and technology-based work. The exhibitions are a destination for many. Thousands have gathered to see work, their own and that of others. Meanwhile, numerous passers-by pause their commute to engage the surprising projections. The result is that many people have used LIGHT YEAR as a means to develop a new relationship with the bridge, the triangle and DUMBO itself, as a unique and active community space. This relationship also translates to the overall art community, in conversation and participation, the world over. LIGHT YEAR’s online live stream takes the experience from the DUMBO streets to the world, as do the numerous photos and videos continually posted on social media.

LIGHT YEAR was founded on the concept of building bridges, increasing communication and connection, and the Manhattan Bridge is the source of that inspiration. To date, hundreds of creative participants from every continent have been a part of LIGHT YEAR. The concept also invites participants to consider the confluence of all types of Video Art, Public Art and Experimental Cinema. Context changes meaning, the media and site become as crucial to the message as the content. As technology and science continue their rapid evolutionary tracks, LIGHT YEAR presents shifting points of view and perspective, which impact meaning and interaction.

LIGHT YEAR collaborators, Curator Leo Kuelbs, John Ensor Parker and Creative Team Glowing Bulbs have deep roots in Dumbo, as well as contributing to the international art world. Working with the Dumbo BID and the NYC DOT, LIGHT YEAR is an authentic representation of the neighborhood’s relationship to the city and the world beyond and is presented to the public, every first Thursday, free of charge.

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October 5th, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Richard Jochum, Sam Marlow and Alon Cohen, Jake Zhang and Theory, Nicole Antebi, Sarah Oh-Mock

Curated by Leo Kuelbs


September 5th, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Jen-Pei Cheng, Pey-Chwen Lin, Yu-Chuan Tseng, Miya Ando, Pei-Shih, Ching-Yao Chen

Curated by Luchia Meihua Lee


August 1st, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Integrated Visions, Dani Imhoff, Maria Naidyonova, Radka Salcmannova, Harald V. Uccello and Mai T. Segura

Curated by Leo Kuelbs


July 4th, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: New American Voices (Picture Me Here project), Ernesto Gonzalez, Kelly Tsai & Ryan Hartley Smith, Pei-Ling Ho , Felipe Galindo Feggo, Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman, Chen Ching-Yao

Curated by John Ensor Parker & Luchia Meihua Lee


June 6th, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Ernest Gonzalez, Annie Nicholson, Kara Rooney, Jessica Segal, and Steve West.

Curated by Steve West

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 49: 8 Attempts to exhaust [the poetics of] a place

May 2nd, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Featured artists: Javier Barrera, Nicole Cohen, Rebecca Hackemann, Brian Miller, Simonetta Moro, Aga Ousseinov, Cibele Vieira, Jeannie Weissglass

Curated by Simonetta Moro


April 4th, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Featuring new work from: Zoe Duchesne, Richard Jochum, Nina E. Schönefeld, Dahye Kim, Josh Graham, Sarah Mock, Radka Salcmannova, Nicole Antebi, Thomas D. Rotenberg, Maria Naidyonova, and Matthias Fritsch

Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Richard Jochum.


March 7th, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Featured artists: Chen Wang, James Hopkins & Tori Carr, Meredith Drum, Jonathan Sims, Marisa Adesman & Christian Berman

Curated by Peter Fulop & Brigitta Veradi


February 7th, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Featured artists: Matthias Fritsch, Eszter Szabó, Maria Marshall, Marianna Vasileva, Wong Tsz Yin, Nata Metlukh, Michele Bernardi, Hund & Horn

Curated by Eszter Szabó, Matthias Fritsch, and Leo Kuelbs.


January 3rd, 2019, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Aitana Basquiat, Cavecanems, Jason Ebeyer, Jabbathekid, Jon Monaghan. Kim Laughton, Michael Green, Nicole Ruggiero, Olga Fedorova, Opalslutuniverse, Pastelae and Saulonzo

Curated by Nicole Ruggiero and Emma Stern


December 6th, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Weiying Zhu, Ru Xu, Min Huang, Qingxue Wang, Bowen Yang, Yao Lu, Lin Liu, Xingyi Huang, Lu Jin, Quinta Li, Dahye Kim

Curated by Dahye Kim


November 2nd, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Jesse Epstein, Maya Erdelyi, Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman, Gina Kamentsky, Yuliya Lanina, Heather M. O’Brien, and Emma Piper-Burket

Curated by Danielle Epstein for Marble House Project


October 4nd, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Dario Alva, Zoé Brunet-Jailly, Kira DeCoudres, Fornax Void, Katia Grokhovsky, Paul Kusnierek-Numérobé, Malo Lacroix, Raphaël Moreira Gonçalves, Wild Torus, and Adam Zaretsky

Curated by Kim Doan Quoc

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 41:                                                  EPHEMERAL MOVEMENTS

September 6th, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Alex Kuznetsov, Ma Yongfeng, Rex Detiger, Maria Naidyonova, and Ernesto Gonzalez

Curated by Aaron Reidel, Ma Yongfeng, and Leo Kuelbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 40:                                                                SINE GALLERY

August 2nd, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Jesus Benavente, Patricia Brace, Damien Davis, Dominique Duroseau, Joiri Minaya, Yali Romagoza

Curated by Katie Hector and Patricia Brace 

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 39:                                                          WAVES

July 5th, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Johanna Keimeyer, Matthias Fritsch, Nicola Rubinstein, Harald V. Uccello & Mai T. Segura, Thomas D. Rotenberg

Curated by Leo Kuelbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 38:                                                      STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WALL

June 7th, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Tracy Abbott Szatan, Sofia Theodore-Pierce, Jenn Ruff, Alba Soto & Óscar Vías, Raven Jackson and Alexandra Neuman

Curated by Nic Koller & Jenn Ruff

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 37:                                      CONSTELLATIONS

May 3rd, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Ben Voldman, Cindy Suen, Drew Shields, Irene Feleo, Jean Jullien + Nicolas Jullien, John Balestrieri, Josh Cochran, Matt Huynh, Michael C. Hsiung, Min Liu, Rose Wong, Taezoo Park, Taili Wu + Robin Ellis, Will Herring, Xaviera Lopez

Curated by Albert Chau

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 36:                                                        MOTION

April 5th, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Setare Arashloo, Melissa Brown, Tania Ferrie and Negin Sharifzadeh, Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, Jay Moorthy

Curated by Negin Sharifzadeh

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 35:                                                        DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: CHINESE STORIES

March 1st, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Rani Messias + Anna Leevia, Suguru Ikeda + Isis Salam, Nicole Antebi + Xiren Wang, Lian Mengzhuo + Kinga Toth, Nina Sobell + Laura Ortman, Làszlò Zsolt Bordos, Junjie Zhang + Theory, Vivian Qin

Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Wing Lu with Able Sun.

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 34:                                  TRANSCENDENT LIGHT

February 1st, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Light Show Sphinx (Sjaco Karmelk / Piet Koster), Sofy Yuditskaya, Sarah Zucker, George Stadnik, Valeria Divinorum, Bobby Mesaros,and Steve Pavlovsky

Curated by Steve Pavlovsky

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 33:                                                      TEXTURAL PSYCHEDELIA

January 4th, 2018, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: David Hall, Cait Carvahlo, and Ronan Devlin

Curated by Thomas D. Rotenberg

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 32:                                                ADDRESSING HOME

December 7th, 2017, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Evy Yiran Li, Hiroshi Haga, Wentian Ma, Wang Xi, Anamaria Amador, Junying Lu, Ziyun Tao, Daniel Ahn, Kasey Clark, Yang Yang, Xijuan Zhang, and Jesse Jagtiani.

Organized by Jesse Jagtiani.

Concept by Leo Kuelbs for LIGHT YEAR.

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 31:                                                IDENTITY 0.0                                                                            November 2nd, 2017, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Radka Salcmannova + Alex Hamadey, Sarah Mock + Daniela Imhoff, Thomas D. Rotenberg + Theologian, Sarah Trouche, Naormi Meijia Wang, Mai T. Segura & Harald V. Uccello + Alex Hamadey, Kinga Toth + Normal Gergely, Vadim Schäffler, Richard Jochum + Xiren Wang

Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Aaron Riedel

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 30:                                                          OPEN TO INTERPRETATION                                                  October 5th, 2017, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Cyriac Harris, Yannick Jacquet (Legoman), CHiKA, Dev Harlan, Viktor Vicsek, Andrea Sztojánovits, Martin Daniel Gabor, and Albin Bousquet

Curated by Glowing Bulbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 29:                                                               WE THE HELL AM I                                                              September 7th, 2017, Dusk - 10:00pm

Artists: Dylan McLaughlin, Nicholas Galanin, Liss LaFleur, Andrew Erdos

Curated by Erin Joyce

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 28:                                                    BROOKLYN-BASED                                                                                 August 3rd, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps, and Alon Cohen, Visakh Menon + Heavy Birds, Thomas D. Rotenberg + Jarboe, Nicole Antebi + Laura Ortman, Integrated Visions + Miss Natasha Enquist, Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia, Naormi Meijia Wang + John Terhorst

Curated by Leo Kuelbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 27:                                                    MOTION                                                                                             July 6th, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: John Bjerklie, Aya Momose, Rachel Monosov, Azzah Sultan, Lior Tamim

Curated by Azzah Sultan and Chloé Angiolini

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 26:                                      (IM)PERSONAL                                                                                      June 1st, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Bernd Oppl & Bogomir Doringer, Ibro Hasanovic, Christoph Srb & Yodas Dolphins (Karl Kilian), Kamen Stoyanov, Katharina Swoboda

Curated by Boris Kostadinov

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 25:                                                   COGALLERIES PRESENTS                                                                     May 4th, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Annique Delphine, Berna Reale, Nina Schönefeld

Curated by coGalleries

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 24:                                                   PASSENGER MOMENT                                                                  April 6th, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Meng Chih Chiang, Jeremiah Teipen, Poyen Wang, Chinchih Yang, Rosalie Yu & Alon Chitayat

Curated by Luchia Meihua Lee, Executive Director, Taiwanese American Arts Council

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 23:                                                   DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: ALBUM TWO                                                  March 2nd, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Keegan Luttrell + Justin King, Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia, Daniela Imhoff, Kristian Pedersen + Elke Brauweiler, Anton Marini & Danielle Ezzo, Boris Kralj + Matresanch, Michael McGuirk + Alex Hamadey

Curated by Sandra Ratkovic and Leo Kuelbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 22:                                                         NEO-PAST-FORWARD v.1.0.                                                               February 2nd, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Bibbe Hansen, dNASAb, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Lee Wells, Patrick Lichty, Raymond Salvatore Harmon, Sean Capone

Curated by Lee Wells

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 21:                                                 PEERING BEHIND APPEARANCES                                                   January 5th, 2017, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Janaye Brown, Craig Drennen, Kevin Jerome Everson, Victoria Fu, Lilly McElroy

Curated by Erin Dziedzic

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 20:                                       ATTACHMENTS                                                                     December 1st, 2016, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Matl Findel, Miklos Buk, Danielle de Picciotto

Curated by Leo Kuelbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 19:                                                    ADVANCES AND RETREATS                                                   November 3rd, 2016, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Jaanika Peerna, Monika Bravo, Heather M. O'Brien, Hamra Abbas, Andrew Thomas Huang

Curated by John Ensor Parker & Sarah Walko

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 18:                                                       DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: ALBUM ONE                                                October 6th, 2016, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Rani Messias + Kinga Toth , Sarah Mock + Daniela Imhoff, Richard Jochum + Kriss Roebling, Integrated Visions + Miss Natasha Enquist, Radka Salcmannova, Thomas Rotenberg, Josh Graham 

Curated by Sandra Ratkovic & Leo Kuelbs


LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 17:                                                         EARTH REVISITED                                                                                     September 1st, 2016, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists: Nina Sobell + Laura Ortman, Danielle de Picciotto + Lary 7, Sarah Walko + Justin King, Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Vadim Schaeffler + Pablo Paolo Kilian, Eike Berg + Jarboe, Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps + Alon Cohen

Concept/Curated by Leo Kuelbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 16:                                                                 THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND                                                                   August 4th, 2016, Dusk - 10:00 pm

Artists:                                                                                                   Sama Alshaibi, Basma Alsharif, Raven Chacon, Nicholas Galanin, Steven J. Yazzie

Curated by Erin Joyce Projects

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 15:                                                             ELECTRIQUE                                                                                        July 7th, 2016, Dusk - 10:00 pm

video:                                                                                                   Sofia Theofilaktidis

Curated by The Hollows Artspace

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 14:                                                            JAPAN PARADE                                                                                June 2nd, 2016, Dusk - 10:00 pm

videos:                                                                                                  Kenji Kojima, Momoyo Torimitsu, Kenji Toma, Mami Kosemura, Motoko Wada, ON megumi Akiyoshi, Who-Fu, Yuki Ideguchi + Suguru Ikeda + Masatora Goya

Curated by Kyoko Sato

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 13:                                                            THE BODY PREVAILS                                                                       May 5th, 2016, 7 - 10:00 pm

videos:                                                                                                Andrea Wolf, Jennifer Dalton, Cliff Evans, Eva Davidova, George Peck, Adam Frelin, and Andras Borocz

Curated by Tamas Veszi and Daniela Kostova

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 12:                                                         ONE IF BY LAND, TWO IF BY SEA                                              April 7th, 2016, 7 - 10:30 pm

videos:                                                                                                Adrian K, Alex Kwan, Cindy Suen, Aya Kakeda + Deodato Pangandoyon, Marka27, Michael C. Hsiung, Rose Wong, Stickymonger, Taezoo Park, Scott Albrecht

Curated by Albert Chau

Click here to see a story about the show on NY1.

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 11:                                             DECOMPOSITION AND TRANSCENDENCE                               March 3rd + 4th, 2016, 6 - 9 pm

videos:                                                                                                Radka Salcmannova, MarieVic + Theo Croker, Sarah Trouche, Thomas D. Rotenberg + Jarboe, Ryan Uzilevsky + Adam Harding, Zoe Duchesne + Alex Hamadey, Naormi Meijia Wang + John Terhorst

Curated by Leo Kuelbs with Aaron Riedel

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 10: SUBJECTIVITY INC.                           February 4th, 2016, 6 - 9 pm

videos:                                                                                                Ádám Ulbert (H/NL), Natalija Vujošević (ME), Iván Rohonyi Demkó (H), Gergő Kovács (H), Tamás Komoróczky (H), Rui Hu (USA)

Curated by Szilvi Német

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 9: SILENCE!                                                 January 7th, 2016, 6 - 9 pm

videos:                                                                                                 Noah Klersfeld, Tomas Eller, Kim Joon, Yi Zhou, Eelco Brand, Christine Schulz

Curated by Leo Kuelbs

LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 8:                                                                 NEW VIDEO ART FROM BERLIN                                                          December 3rd, 2015, 6.45-9.00 pm

videos:                                                                                               Kristian Paustian, Laszlo Antal, Daniela Imhof, Sarah Mock, Anna Maysuk, Franz Reimer, Henrike Naumann, Franziska Kabisch

Curated by Daniela Imhoff



LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 7:                                                            MARBLE HOUSE PROJECT PRESENTS
                                              November 5th, 2015, 7-10 pm

videos:                                                                                                Works by Marble House Project 2015 Residents: Anne Katrine-Senstad, Catherine Page Harris, Orit Ben-Shitrit, Margeaux Walter, and Jeannette Ehlers.

Curated by Sarah Walko, Director of Arts Programming
Presented by 3_Search in partnership with the DUMBO BID


LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 6:                                                             OPEN TO INTERPRETATION                                                             October 1st, 2015, 7-10 pm

videos:                                                                                                Cyriak, Yannick Jacquet, CHi KA, Dev Harlan, Viktor Vicsek, Attaray Visual, Martin Daniel Gabor, Dawn Of Man, Albin Bousquet, Nick Cobby and VJ DrMojo                                                                                                 
Curated by Glowing Bulbs / Kiégő Izzók


LIGHT YEAR PROGRAM 5:                                                  CHIMERA PRESENTS
September 3rd, 2015, 8-10 pm

 “Chimera Presents…” on the Manhattan Bridge!  An amazing selection of work from Chimera Project in Budapest! 

videos:                                                                                                ÁRON KÚTVÖLGYI-SZABÓ (Hungary), TSUYOSHI ANZAI (Japan), ÁDÁM SZABÓ (Hungary), and PETER AERSCHMANN (Switzerland)

Curated by Patrick Urwyler



August 6th, 2015, dusk - 10pm

Participating artists:
soundtrack created by:                                                                     Alexander Hacke (New York/Berlin)                                                   videos:
Bordos.ArtWorks (Budapest), Danielle de Picciotto (New York/Berlin), Helga Griffiths (Darmstadt), Thomas Lüer (Frankfurt), Robert Seidel (Berlin) and Caspar Stracke (Helsinki)

Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Eike Berg

Depth of Field  

Work by: Thomas Draschan, Glowing Bulbs, John Ensor Parker, Vadim Schaeffler and Ryan Uzilevsky

Curated by Leo Kuelbs with Farkas Fulop

“LIGHT YEAR”Program 2: 
Crest and Trough    


Ella Condon (Australia) The Light Loop
Joao Penoni (South America | Brazil) Volt
Klaus Pamminger (Europe | Austria) Notes on Mackey                         Marina Zurkow (North America | USA) Elixir
Paul Miller | djSpooky (Antarctica) Sinfonia Antarctica             Shahram Entekhabi (Asia | Iran) I am John Galt
Zina Saro-Wiwa (Africa | Nigeria) Sarogua Mourning

curated by John Ensor Parker and Sarah Walko

Also on June 4th:
Video + Sound Exhibition
Made in NY Media Center by IFP
30 John Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

“Light Year” Inaugural Event:
Thursday, May 7th, Dusk

“Submerged!” provides liquid visions of a multi-layered, every-shifting psychological seascape.  Seven video + sound pieces based upon three short stories by co-curator Leo Kuelbs make up the 30 minute looping program presented at the edge of the East River, on the Northern Anchorage of the Manhattan Bridge.

A group of visual and sonic-based artists from a variety of countries including Germany, Israel, Italy, USA, Portugal, Brazil and Hungary make “Submerged!” a truly international effort.  When represented from multiple cultural angles, a mysterious whole reveals itself, always changing, just beneath the viewable surface.

Artists Include: United VJs, Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke, Jim Ellis, Sam Marlow and Alon Cohen, Nicole Antebi and Laura Ortman, Kitzinger Gabor and Alex Hamadey, Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps and Fabio Fonda

Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Karl Erickson