Hudson SuperMarket and
Leo Kuelbs Collection present:
"Chasm and Coil"
Multiple Media by Shane Pennington and Thomas Lendvai
Curated by Leo Kuelbs

Opening: Saturday July 2nd
5-9 pm
Through August 27th

Hudson SuperMarket
310 Warren St
Hudson, NY

“Chasm and Coil” is a two-person sculpture and installation event presented in the Meat Locker Gallery at Hudson SuperMarket in Hudson, NY. 

Inspired by the differences/similarities/tensions between the ways in which artists Shane Pennington and Tom Lendvai approach the use of space, “Chasm and Coil” endeavors to reveal places where the ethereal, the spiritual, coalesce and become solid form, before spinning back into the original ethereal matter from whence they came.

Both artists + curator will be on hand for an amazing opening party in lovely Hudson, NY.