Thursday, September 3rd, 2015
6-9 pm

“Trips,” is a multi-artist video show exploring expanded and alternate reality.  FREE DRINKS! 

Video Program

Opening Party!
Free Beer and Wine
September 3rd; 6-9 pm
Show Dates:
September 3rd-30th   

30 John Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201   

Artists: TG Noise (Budapest), Joao Vasco Piava (Shanghai/Lisbon), Karl Erickson (Brooklyn), Tom Rotenberg (NYC), Vadim Schaeffler (Berlin), Ryan Uzilevsky (Brooklyn)

Leo Kuelbs Collection and the IFP in Brooklyn, New York present “Trips,” a video program exploring extreme shifts in time, place and experience.  A group show featuring lots of psychedelic POV work from a variety of artists based in NYC and throughout the world, “Trips” opens doors and places the viewer at the threshold of a number of different worlds; natural and otherwise.