Digital Fairy Tales at Elizabeth Street Garden

July 21-27 (no show on July 24th)

Dusk - 10:30pm

Elizabeth Street between Prince and Spring Streets, New York, NY 10012

 Leo Kuelbs Collection is proud to work with Aaron Riedel and the Elizabeth Street Garden Project to present a series of work from the DIGITAL FAIRY TALES collection of video art.  The set of works was inspired by an array of fairy tales and works from Germany, China and the USA.  Colorful, fun and surprising, yet deep and filled with longing and laughter, the DIGITAL FAIRY TALES series reaches through time and across borders to realize and present shared visions of humanity which connect us all. 




Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection

Works by: Integrated Visions, Dani Imhoff, Maria Naidyonova, Radka Salcmannova,

Harald Vogel and Mai T.


DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: “Sun and Moon” presents a selection of videos inspired by the collected materials of Franz Xaver von Schoenwerth in the early nineteenth century.   The Sun and the Moon were typically related to traditional notions of gender.  But the dual nature of their relationship crosses into many other types of understanding of balance, celestial life and time-related topics.  Included in this collection is a new work by Maria Naidyonova previewing DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: “Dark Night and Black Cats” to be released in Winter of 2020.



DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: “Through Time and Space”

Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection

Works by Rani Messias, Anton Marini and Danielle Ezzo, Kristian Peterson, Thomas D. Rotenberg, Michael McGuirk


DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: “Through Time and Space” brings together work from several DIGITAL FAIRY TALES programs which examine issues based upon theoretical physics, in a most esoteric and creative sense.  A nice entry point from which to present more complicated issues regarding the meaning of existence, and our relationship to time.



DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: “Slightly Scary Stories for Children”

Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection

Works by: Richard Jochum, Shir Lieberman and Jonathan Phelps with Alon Cohen, Jake Zhange and Theory, Nicole Antebi, Sarah Oh Mock with Dani Imhoff


A selection of works from the Leo Kuelbs Collection that appeal to children yet carry deeper meaning.  Bright and colorful, yet timeless and heartfelt.

July 21: Slightly Scary Stories for Children

July 22: Through Time and Space

July 23: Sun And Moon

July 24: NO SHOW

July 25: Through Time and Space

July 26: Sun And Moon

July 27: Slightly Scary Stories for Children

About Elizabeth Street Garden

Elizabeth Street Garden is a community garden in Little Italy, Manhattan with over 100,000 visitors a year from neighborhood locals and New York residents to visitors from all around the world. The garden is managed by ESG, a volunteer-based nonprofit that maintains public access, garden upkeep, provides over 200 year-round free programs for the community, and works to save the garden from being destroyed.

The City is seeking to destory the garden inorder to build affordable housing, luxury retail, and office space, despite the proposal to use an alternative gravel lot site that can provide up to 5x the amount of housing. ESG has filed a lawsuit to save the garden, and continues to advocate that community green space and affordable housing are both vital and should never come at the expense of one another.

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