Leo Kuelbs Collection & Hudson SuperMarket Present:

“Implication and Instigation”           

Paintings and Sculptures by                                                                                         Maria Naidyonova and Thomas Lendvai

August 5th - September 12th, 2017


Opening Event:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Saturday, August 5th, 6-9 p.m.                                                                                           Hudson SuperMarket                                                                                                     310 Warren St.                                                                                                           Hudson, NY 12534


“Implication and Instigation”       

Leo Kuelbs Collection and Hudson SuperMarket are proud to present “Implication and Instigation,” a collection of paintings and sculptures by Maria Naidyonova and Thomas Lendvai, in scenic Hudson, New York.  Presented in and near an old meat locker, and surrounded by Hudson SuperMarket’s array of mid-century modern furnishings, “Implication and Instigation” reacts to and challenges this amazing environment and provides a fresh context and platform from which to observe the works.



Tension, texture, gesture and implication provide the underpinnings to MariaNaidyonova’s figurative-driven works.  This selection exudes vigor and vitality typically generated through her observations and interactions with her model subjects.  Unexpected wellsprings of energy and vitality come through the colorful canvases and are part of the reason why Maria Naidyonova is one of Berlin, Germany’s most interesting emerging artists.



Thomas Lendvai’s thoughtful geometric sculptures deal with space/negative space through the use of bold gesture and a mastery of architectural design and theory.  Whether realized in full-scale or as smaller studies, Lendvai’s work thoroughly reacts with whatever context it appears in, offering unexpected insights into the nature of “space” through his use of provocative geometrical juxtapositions.