Video Exhibition

Manhattan Bridge Anchorage (Pearl St. and Anchorage Place)
Dumbo, Brooklyn
November 6th - 8th
Dusk - 11 pm

As Part of: New York Festival of Lights (NYFOL)

Curated by John Ensor Parker and Leo Kuelbs

3_Search presents, “Initiations,” a single channel and projection mapped video exhibition, as part of the inaugural New York Festival of Lights. Projected on the north façade of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage, “Initiations” is curated by John Ensor Parker and Leo Kuelbs and includes mapped works from Glowing Bulbs, Integrated Visions, dandelion & burdock, Bordos, Robert Seidel and others.

“Initiations” explored the transitory place where endings and beginnings overlap in a never ending evolutionary cycle, the genesis and realization of the continual now.  “Initiations” follows a conceptual journey that began with 2012’s “Codex Dynamic,” a Manhattan Bridge Projection, a metaphysical rumination and exploration of our relationship to time and the greater fabric of existence.  The Bridge and its Northern Anchorage provide a provocative surface that supports the concept as well as being a significant canvas on which to present this variety of visions.

3_Search is an independent creative collective enlisting multi-sensory, immersive experience in the worlds of fine art, public art and live events across the globe. By exploring the senses, they develop concepts, content design and full production integration on a variety of scales.  From creating one of the largest projection mapping events to date, on the Manhattan Bridge, to the interior of the Guggenheim Museum, to custom full-dome events, every 3_Search project is unique, yet universal.

With studios in New York City, Budapest and Berlin, 3_Search consists of John Ensor Parker, the Leo Kuelbs Collection and Glowing Bulbs.

For images and further information:
3_Search: www.3-Search.org
John Ensor Parker: john@natureofenergy.com
Leo Kuelbs: lkuelbscollection@gmail.com
NYFOL: http://nyfol.org/

video by Blue Barn Pictures, INC

Image provided by Glowing Bulbs and John Ensor Parker