Leo Kuelbs Collection Presents:                                                                                  Vadim Schaeffler: Landing Zone

Video Art + Installations

October 19th - 22nd


Fata Morgana/coGalleries                                                                             

Torstrasse 170, Berlin 10115


Opening: Thursday, October 19th, 7-10 pm

Champagne Toast and Artist Introduction: 8 p.m.


Additional Screening: Saturday, October 21st, 6-8 pm.

Also by appointment


About Landing Zone

Over the past 15 years, Berlin-based video artist Vadim Schaeffler has quietly created a strong body of digitally-animated work, which has made its way to cities across Europe and the USA.  Schaeffler’s “perfect dystopias” feature figures in transition from human to digital; oftentimes falling through one reality and state of being into another.  It’s a graceful fall, a vertical descent into a future that reveals itself moment by moment. 


It’s this cool feeling of controlled chaos that unites work like 2012’s “Kugelstaadt” with earlier work, such as the classic video “Motion” (2010) and later works like “Earth Revisited” (2015) and the NH Collection Video Art Prize winner, “The Traveler” (2016).  Taken together, Scaheffler’s body of work is comfortably disturbing and reassuringly disorienting.  Like a recurring dream, which is strangely different each time the similar sensation is encountered.


The Leo Kuelbs Collection is proud to sponsor this amazing selection of work, installed together, at Fata Morgana/coGalleries for a few short October nights n 2017.  The group of videos includes works seen on the Manhattan Bridge, in huge Norwegian window displays, at galleries and art fairs, as well as collected works.  Vadim Schaeffler's Landing Zone is an amazing opportunity to be immersed in work of one of Berlin’s best creators of digitally animated video art.


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