Curator Leo Kuelbs has presented dozens of artistic events around the world.  Public art, luxury marketing, video art and multi-city programs are all part of Mr. Kuelbs’ internationally recognized practice. This combination of endeavors has garnered publicity in publications great (Vogue/Interview) and small (dozens of blogs in NYC and Europe).

Mr. Kuelbs focuses on collaborative projects with an emphasis on conceptual infrastructure, approaching projects from multiple angles and perspectives.  As a founding member of collaborative arts group, 3_Search and the CEO of The Leo Kuelbs Collection, Mr. Kuelbs is poised to continue the development of this multi-perspective practice.  

Recent shows include the ongoing LIGHT YEAR series of Projections on the Manhattan Bridge, “Digital Fairy Tales,” “Earth Revisited,” and “Decomposition and Transcendence,” each appearing in NYC and various cities in Germany.  Other shows include the massive, multi-sensory public art event “Sense/Coalescence” in Dallas, KIK5: FATHOMS at Kino Internationale in Berlin, “Reflective/Perspective” at the Deutschesfilmmuseum, “Transflexion” in Freising, Germany at the Schafhof, “Form and Substance” in Miami and many more, all in 2015.  2016 has seen the unveiling of the NH Collection Video Art Award and an ongoing partnership with Fata Morgana Galerie in Berlin.

Marketing events include the award-winning Evolution2  (presented with Martha Stewart) and “Divine Coalescence” for Dom Perignon (2014 and 2012), as well as “The Diamond Sky” (April, 2014) presented at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum for Tiffany and Company.  Public art events include “Sense/Coalescence” and “Blueprints and Perspectives” (Dallas, Texas, 2013/2015), “Illuminated Ops” (Washington D.C. 2013), the award winning “Codex Dynamic,” “Immersive Surfaces” and “The Endless Bridge” all presented on the Manhattan Bridge in 2011-2012.



Sandra Ratkovic was born 1980 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany and she lives and works in Berlin. She is a photographer based in Berlin, specializing  in artistic and documentary photography. She is also an art journalist and curator. She attended the imago Fotokunst School Berlin (Class of Ursula Kelm) studying photography and obtained a Master Degree in Art History at the University of Frankfurt/Main. She has curated and shown in many exhibitions, in galleries and institutions such as the  Bethanien Berlin, London Art Fair, Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin and Fata Morgana Gallery in Berlin.














Born in Denver [1974], Josh Graham is a visual artist and composer. Raised in Phoenix. Lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and now in the Hudson Valley.Graham's work -- up to and including musical set pieces with any number of his earth moving bands, from a past with Red Sparowes to a present with IIVI and A Storm of Light -- addresses with no uncertain focus the inescapable slide of time in passages significant and singular where the fleeting nature of the illusion of permanence and its ruin are nothing if not inevitable. In print/ altered photographic mnemonics, visual installation, and sculpture, Graham pursues an obsession with light, dark, shadow space and natural forms.



A shared passion for art originally drew Michelle Penland and Bryan Dodson together when they were still teenagers. This passion led them to found Integrated Visions, an arts collective dedicated to collaboration in the visual arts. Moving early on from painting and drawing into digital art and video projection, the Dodsons have since become recognized as innovators in the medium of video projection mapping. Michelle and Bryan have exhibited their work all over the United States and internationally, including exhibitions at the Sean Kelly Gallery, the Rumney-Guggenheim Gallery, and MoMA. Recent collaborations with famed artist Olek have also been featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Virgina and the Avesta Museum in Sweden, as well as a unique large-scale architectural projection mapping exhibition during Art Basel Miami Beach 2016.



Miss Natasha Enquist is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she studied classical piano as a child, had a career in fashion design and merchandising before having the accordion take over her life. She has had training in acting, voice and accordion since then, and has performed her way from Canada to Walt Disney World, and over to Europe to progress with her dreamy, dark, romantic sound of mixing electronic pop music with her accordion chanteuse style. With her intention to innovate the instrument and bridge the gap between

electronic music and the accordion through sampling and sound design, she has launched her own record label, MNE Records and recorded her recently released debut album, "MNE", in Berlin with Kollo Agency. Four of her original songs have been featured in the Berlin-based short film “The

Birthday”, which has debuted at over 20 international film festivals, and two of her music videos are streaming on MTV Germany, MTV Switzerland, MTV Netherlands and VIVA TV's websites.




Richard Jochum is a post-minimal sculptor and media artist with a strong focus on video, video installation, performance and conceptual photography. He has shown his works in more than 130 exhibitions worldwide and is represented by Gallery Bundo in South-Korea and Gallery Lindner in Austria. He is a studio member of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York and currently a Creative Resident in the Harvestworks Technology, Engineering, Art and Music T.E.A.M. Lab. An associate professor at Teachers College, Columbia University, he oversees the new Creative Technologies Curriculum as part of the Art and Art Education Program.





Although the production team dubbed "Theory" (D. Stekert and K. Roebling) have worked on countless projects with multiple artists over the past two decades, they have not shared their own original recordings, a meticulously crafted collection of over 50 songs, with a living soul.

Theory lives in New York City and Brooklyn. 





Rani Messias is a Brazilian filmmaker based in Berlin, where she got her Bachelors in Practical Filmmaking from MET Film School. She started her film studies at 17 in London's Ealing Studios. Throughout her Berlin residence she has worked with music videos for the band Bakery, performance art videos with Birdmilk collective, short fiction films of her authorship, and a series of artist video portrays. She is currently releasing an exhibition in Berlin as well as Digital Fairy Tales and her graduation film in collaboration with LEDPulse. Specialised in Directing and Production Design, but also being a screenwriter, she strives to affect people's consciousness in a positive, visual way.



















Philologist and Teacher in German Language and Literature, Communication specialist (journalist), copy editor of the art magazines Palócföld and Roham, cultural program organiser. (Sound)poet-illustrator. Songwriter and front man of Tóth Kína Hegyfalu project is a member of the Leadership of József Attila Association for Young Writers and member of several art projects, associations.


















The Pilsen, Czech Republic-born artist Radka Salcmannova has been turning heads with her confounding and surreal works, such as her “Photography Paintings.” In these, she’s taking photos that look like paintings, bringing together her cultural memory with her outlook on art practice. To Salcmannova, everything is a performance, as each artwork is “a record of a moment,” as she says. Her works are dreamlike, sometimes appearing chemically burned or singed by the passage of memory. Her ambitions lie in expanding her practice for theater and performance, bridging all her past experiences in the visual arts into one sort-of uber artwork. It will be fascinating to see what she produces within the coming year.











Sarah Mock, born 1984 in Worms, DE, lives and works in Berlin. She studied in the Fine Art academys of Mainz (Prof. Kiessling), Kassel (Prof. Melhus) and UDK Berlin (Prof. Vedder, Meisterschüler 2014). For her surrealistic videos and installations, she recieved several awards till now (selection): 2015: DAAD- scholarship (KOR), 2014: Emy-Röder-award/ Residency in Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon (KOR) / finalist of Future Storytelling, anthropocene-project in HKW, Berlin. 2012 she was awarded with the Mannheimer art award of the Vetter foundation (Mannheimer Kunstpreis der Heinrich-Vetter-Stiftung). 2014 co-founder of the artist collective UNST Berlin. Exhibitions, festivals (selection): Bundeskunsthalle Bonn, European Media Art Festival Osnabrück, Dokfest Kassel, Athen Video Art Festival, HKW Berlin, Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, v_kunst Frankfurt, Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, RGZM Mainz, Manhattan Bridge Projection Series, New York, USA, Art Space One, Seoul, KOR, Kühlhaus Berlin, NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, New York.












Daniela Imhoff is a media and sound artist living and working in Berlin. She studied Film and Jazz Drums in Freiburg and Berlin. She holds an MA in Sound Studies and graduated from the Art and Media Program at UdK in Berlin.

Maintaining a strong personal focus throughout, her body of work comprises various forms of media art such as installations, music videos, sound sculptures, and audio- visual performances in collaboration with theater directors, musicians and performers. Her work has been shown at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Singuhr Hoergalerie Berlin, Platoon Kunsthalle Seoul, IFP Media Center NYC, The Manhattan Bridge as part of LIGHT YEAR and featured in Miami’s Art Week, 2015.








Thomas D. Rotenberg is a writer, video artist, and curator currently based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has shown in film festivals and galleries across the United States. A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, his written and visual works revolve around memory, time, and technology, and the often symbiotic relationship shared by all three as they inform and distort our perception of the past, present, and future.





Damian Master is a composer, musician, and recording artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Projects include punk- and metal-based bands A Pregnant Light, Aksumite, Prison Suicide, and others, as well as experimental/noise entities Bodystocking and Purple Light. He owns and operates the record label Colloquial Sound Recordings, which boasts more than 65 releases since 2011.