Light Year 20: Attachments

December 1st, Dusk – 10pm

 The Triangle at Pearl Street and Anchorage Place


The team from LIGHT YEAR (Leo Kuelbs Collection, Glowing Bulbs, John Ensor Parker) are happy to announce that LIGHT YEAR will now be screened each First Thursday and Friday of the month in Berlin at Fata Morgana (Torstrasse 170; Mitte).  

More information is available here.


A live stream of the show will run from 12pm on 12/1 until 12pm on 12/2 - check it out here!


“Attachments” is a set of three short films, set in three different countries, exploring what happens when fate intervenes, be it in the form of another person, an event, an affliction, etc. and attaches itself to us, effectively changing who we are forever.   It is a step forward towards blurring the lines between video art and experimental cinema.   These were the basic premises presented to the three contributing artists.

Featuring work by Matl Findel, Miklos Buk, and Danielle de Picciotto.

Curated by Leo Kuelbs.


Matl Findel: Heimweh (Always)

Meditative states of women are the touchstone from which the concept is explored.  Shot in Berlin in 2014/2015,  “Heimweh” was an award winner at the Kiev Film Festival in 2016 as well as appearing in Berlin Short Film Festival earlier this year.  Findel directed two features and his work is widely acclaimed as an excellent example of formalist tradition.


Miklos Buk: Budapest Eye

Shot in Budapest in 2014, this short film addresses the concept from three points of view, three different stories.  The unifying factor being a type of Hungarian energy, which pulses strongest in its capital city.  A group of improve actors helped develop the action, while cinematography expert, Buk, attended to the shots, the look and the overall energy of this illuminating piece.


Danielle de Picciotto: The Annex

Shot in Los Angeles in 2014/2015, “The Annex” uses notions of fame and attention as its core.  Musicans’ Alexander Hacke (Einstuerzende Neubauten) and David Yow (The Jesus Lizard) live out the rather psychedelic action is this colorful short film about a mask that’s also an addiction.

De Picciotto’s work (films, illustrations, texts and music) has appeared all over the world, including “Submerged!” “Transflexion,” and “Earth Revisited,” all presented 2014-2016 by Leo Kuelbs Collection in multiple cities.



LIGHT YEAR is an ongoing project presented by 3_Search (Leo Kuelbs Collection, Glowing Bulbs and John Ensor Parker) in collaboration with the DUMBO Improvement District and NYC DOT. Originally created in celebration of the United Nations’ declaration of 2015 as the Year of Light and Light Art, LIGHT YEAR has hosted the work of over 100 artists and curators from around the world.