Light Year 25: coGalleries Presents

May 4th, Dusk - 10pm

 The Triangle at Pearl Street and Anchorage Place


Curated by coGalleries, "LIGHT YEAR 25: coGalleries Presents" brings work from three emerging artists all dealing with political and social issues through various aesthetics. Objectify Me, Annique Delphine’s first short film articulated around the deconstruction of social norms regarding desire and objectification. In her performances and installations, Brazilian artist Berna Reale's Palomo engages both her own body and those of willing participants to reflect on the contemporary socio-political climate. Nina E. Schönefeld’s The Rise Of Black Wolf offers the viewer an escape from the typical viewpoint of an observer. As she consistently focuses on radically different types of personas, she unveils the truth about the current political and social climate in an innovative way.





LIGHT YEAR is an ongoing public art video projection project presented monthly on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage by John Ensor Parker, Leo Kuelbs & Glowing Bulbs (aka 3_Search) in collaboration with the DUMBO Business Improvement District and the NYC DOT.