Light Year 30: Open To Interpretation

Thursday, October 5th, Dusk - 10pm

 The Triangle at Pearl Street and Anchorage Place


Open To Interpretation is a publicly-presented video art show that explores the dynamic relationship between contemporary video art, sonic art, live performance and cultural reflection. Where does VJing end and video art begin? And how do music videos fit into this dynamic puzzle? Are there boundaries or just overlapping categories?

VJing can best be described as the act of selecting, playing and mixing different sources of visual media such as video files, live camera feeds, generated visuals, while simultaneously applying various effects, in synchronization to music, oftentimes alongside a live DJ. The characteristic that ties the variety of approaches together is the relationship between sound and light.

The term VJ itself dates back to the melting pot that was the New York club scene of the 1970s. Since then, as technology and music have evolved, so has what it means to be a VJ. The tools, techniques, the very culture itself keep changing. 40+ years and the scene is still very new and more relevant than ever.

Open To Interpretation showcases a variety of work from a variety of sources: Works that are exist between VJ content and Video Art; Music Videos that are made in a truly sound-reactive fashion; and works from Video Artists where sound/music are closely related to the images.

As the title suggests, everyone is welcome to explore and answer the questions for themselves!


Featuring work by: Cyriac Harris, Yannick Jacquet (Legoman), CHiKA, Dev Harlan, Viktor Vicsek, Andrea Sztojánovits, Martin Daniel Gabor, and Albin Bousquet

Curated by Glowing Bulbs