Light Year 34: Transcendent Light

February 1st, Dusk - 10pm

The Triangle at Pearl Street and Anchorage Place


Light Year 34: Transcendent Light brings together a diverse group of 8 artists from around the world, with a shared passion for light, time, experimentation, and the creation of transcendent experiences. A variety of technical interpretations are employed in the collection, spanning the spectrum of analog and digital light art. Slide projection, liquid projection, Lumia, lasers, the use of prisms, analog video synthesis, photography, digital machines, digital display, and the writing of code are all used to express the artists’ visions. This showcase includes both established and emerging artists. Several artists in this group also perform live, creating visuals and light shows in real time, in addition to producing video art in the studio.


Curated by Steve Pavlovsky.


Featuring work from: Light Show Sphinx (Sjaco Karmelk / Piet Koster), Sofy Yuditskaya, Sarah Zucker, George Stadnik, Valeria Divinorum, Bobby Mesaros,and Steve Pavlovsky.