Light Year 57:  The Interiors

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020


Artists:  Stu Spence, Travis Manning, Andreas Gefeller, Sandra Ratkovic, Dani Imhoff

Concept and Curation by Leo Kuelbs



Silently projected in early winter on the Manhattan Bridge, “The Interiors” seeks to transport passers-by into the lives of others.  LIGHT YEAR 57: “The Interiors,” is a photo-based show presenting a variety of evocative interiors sans inhabitants.  The Manhattan Bridge anchorage becomes a window into other places where viewers peer into and imagine themselves elsewhere.  It’s an offering of spatial empathy, another chance to better understand “the other” through experiencing their personal sanctuaries.


The artists included in LIGHT YEAR 57:  The Interiors are a diverse selection of professionals from different parts of the world.  Sydney’s Stuart Spence in one of Australia’s best-known and creative portrait photographers, while Sandra Ratkovic’s conceptual documentary images can be seen in books and shows throughout Europe.  Travis Manning is an NYC-based professional production and fashion photographer; while Andreas Gefeller’s books and shows can be seen in Europe and parts of Asia.  Daniela Imhoff’s North Korea series offers a rare look inside one of the world’s most secretive places.  Her videos, soundtracks and short films have appeared in dozens of shows in the USA and Europe in the past several years.