Ádám Ulbert, Still from "Le Roi Sauvage," Digital Medium, 2015





Leo Kuelbs Collection

Light Year: Program 10:
Subjectivity Inc.

Manhattan Bridge Projection Series
Thursday, February 4th
6.00-9.00 pm
Triangle at Pearl St and Anchorage Place

Artists: Ádám Ulbert (H/NL), Natalija Vujošević (ME), Iván Rohonyi Demkó (H), Gergő Kovács (H), Tamás Komoróczky (H), Rui Hu (USA)
Curated by Szilvi Német

The video selection presented by Crosstalk (Hungary) consists of artistic visions of contemporary subjectivity, a lively discourse framed by the ‘new segregation of the two cultures, the Humanities and the Sciences/Technology’ (Rosi Braidotti). The dramaturgy of the compilation proceeds through the exodus of man from its position as a central and autonomous agent of world history / planet / its own destiny. Soon after a succinct invocation of the bygone modernist project of the integral & universal subject, videos shift towards a new landscape. Fragmented, dis-embedded or hyper-inflated existences re-emerge, now as part of an alien techno-architecture. A possibility of an alternative social and cultural blueprint is to be born out of this unprecedented symbiosis. Humanity lives in the beginning of sci-fi, rather than in the end of history.

LIGHT YEAR is a one year long series of video art work projected onto the Manhattan Bridge. Inspired by the United Nations' proclamation of 2015 as "The Year of Light and Light Art," LIGHT YEAR has provided a public platform for video artists and curators from around the world.

The team from 3_Search (Leo Kuelbs Collection, John Ensor Parker and Glowing Bulbs), along with the DUMBO BID and the NYC DOT have been presenting various types of video projections on the bridge since 2010. The presentation of global arts in the DUMBO community marks a commitment to ongoing creative endeavors in an ever-evolving environment.


Presented by 3_Search:
Leo Kuelbs Collection
John Ensor Parker
Glowing Bulbs