LIGHT YEAR 44: Addressing Home II presents 11 video responses to the question of what home means by students of the Art and Art Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University. As part of a course assignment for their video art class, the novice video makers were asked to envision places we call home. As time changes, so does the meaning of “home”.

 Curated by by Dahye Kim and initiated by Leo Kuelbs in collaboration with Richard Jochum.

Live Stream from December 6th, 2018 beginning at 7PM EST.



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The Manhattan Bridge comes alive with LIGHT YEAR, an ongoing program of projected video art presented every First Thursday of the month since 2015. Through curated exhibitions, LIGHT YEAR connects viewers to a global selection of contemporary video and technology-based work. The exhibitions are a destination for many. Thousands have gathered to see work, their own and that of others. Meanwhile, numerous passers-by pause their commute to engage the surprising projections. The result is that many people have used LIGHT YEAR as a means to develop a new relationship with the bridge, the triangle and DUMBO itself, as a unique and active community space. This relationship also translates to the overall art community, in conversation and participation, the world over. LIGHT YEAR’s online live stream takes the experience from the DUMBO streets to the world, as do the numerous photos and videos continually posted on social media.

LIGHT YEAR was founded on the concept of building bridges, increasing communication and connection, and the Manhattan Bridge is the source of that inspiration. To date, hundreds of creative participants from every continent have been a part of LIGHT YEAR. The concept also invites participants to consider the confluence of all types of Video Art, Public Art and Experimental Cinema. Context changes meaning, the media and site become as crucial to the message as the content. As technology and science continue their rapid evolutionary tracks, LIGHT YEAR presents shifting points of view and perspective, which impact meaning and interaction.

LIGHT YEAR collaborators, Curator Leo Kuelbs, John Ensor Parker and Creative Team Glowing Bulbs have deep roots in Dumbo, as well as contributing to the international art world. Working with the Dumbo BID and the NYC DOT, LIGHT YEAR is an authentic representation of the neighborhood’s relationship to the city and the world beyond and is presented to the public, every first Thursday, free of charge.