FATA MORGANA, Torstrasse 170
Z-BAR, Bergstrasse 2

May 5th & 6th, 2017

Mitte Media Festival is a two-day, two venue collaborative event concentrating on the confluence of video art and short films, as well as performance and publications.   How the various media support each other and how they transform, depending on presentation, is an important founding aspect of Mitte Media Festival.
The Kino at Z-Bar plays host to mostly Berlin-based artists and creative entities, while Fata Morgana/coGalleries features a performance, release of two publications, and a backroom filled full of video art spanning several years. 
Artists of all levels and an array of perspectives will be presented at Mitte Media Festival highlighting Berlin’s (and in particular Mitte’s) emerging identity as a place where the works of local and international talents collide.  Mitte is changing quickly and Mitte Media Festival aims to reflect this rapid evolution while honoring the foundation on which it is based.

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OFFICIAL EUROPEAN DEBUT of Digital Fairy Tales: Album Two at MMF!






FATA MORGANA, 170 Torstrasse

2:50-5.30 pm: “Destiny TV” by Nina E. Schönefeld

Sculptural Installation/2017

6-8 pm: "de--traffic"

A sound-text-installation & performance by Kinga Tóth, Bettina Henningsen, and Andreas Pinkow with "The Language Factory" with Kinga Tóth. 

8-10 pm: "coGalleries Presents"

Videos by Berna Reale, Annique Delphine, and Nina Schönefeld.

25 mn approx./looping

“coGalleries Presents" brings you the work of three emerging artists all dealing with political and social issues through various mediums. “Objectify Me”, Annique Delphine’s first short film articulated around the deconstruction of social norms regarding desire and objectification. In her performances and installations, Brazilian artist Berna Reale engages either her own body or those of willing participants to reflect on the contemporary socio-political moment. Nina E. Schönefeld’s work offers the viewer an escape from the typical viewpoint of an observer. As she consistently focuses on radically different types of personas, she unveils the truth about the current political and social climate in an innovative way.

10 pm-12 am: AFTER PARTY sponsored by BRLO

BRLO is the old Slavic origin of the name of Berlin and is a craft beer brewery from Berlin. BRLO is only working with selected raw material suppliers and the beers are brewed with artisanal qualities in small-scale batches. Further, from every bottle regional community projects are financially supported. After two years of being gypsy brewers, mid of January BRLO has opened its own brewery and gastronomy at Gleisdreieck, Berlin: the BRLO BRWHOUSE. 

FATA MORGANA, 170 Torstrasse

2:50-4 pm: “TRIPS"

35 mn/2 loops

Originally presented in 2015.

Hallucinatory and POV videos by Joao Vasco Piava, TG Noise, Ryan Uzilevsky, Vadim Schaeffler, Karl Erickson, Thomas D. Rotenberg

Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection. 

4-6 pm: “SUBMERGED!"

36 mn/3 loops

Originally presented in 2014.

Seven video+sound collaborations based upon three short stories steeped in dreams of loss and remembrance.

Video and sound by Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke, Sam Marlow and Alon Cohen, Nicole Antebi and Laura Ortman, Kitzinger Gabor and Alex Hamadey, Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps and Fabio Fonda, United VJs, Jim Ellis

Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection.

6-8 pm: “ZEBRA-Poesiefilmclub Presents:”

50 mn/2 loops+Intro


“bremen wodu” (D 1985) 2 min
D: Gerd Conradt
P: Bremen wodu by Helmut Heißenbüttel

“Drugs” (D 2003) 2 min
D: Wolf Hogekamp
P: Drogen by Wolf Hogekamp

“The House In The Middle” (D 2006) 7 min
D: André Werner
P: untitled by Izuru Dequchi

“Jeder Text ist ein Wortbruch” (D 2008) 7 min
D: Betina Kuntzsch
P: Jeder Text ist ein Wortbruch by Kathrin Schmidt

“Last Day of Republic” (D 2009) 8 min
D: Reynold Reynolds
P: Letzter Tag der Republik by Gerhard Falkner

“Terrorsounds” (D 2010) 6 min
D: Jakob Kirchheim
P: Terrorsounds by Teresa Delgado

“Out of Mist and Haze” (D 2007) 4 min
D: Joseph Lippok
P: Aus Dunst und Nebel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“User-Feedback Loop Poem” (Deutschland 2011) 3 min
D: Johann Reißer, Fabian Faltin
P: Benutzer-Rückkoppelungs-Schleife-Gedicht by Johann Reißer

“My Homeland” (D, NG 2012) 3 min
D: Ebele Okoye
P: [meine heimat] by Ulrike Almut Sandig

“Love in the age of the EU” (D 2014) 4:30 min
D: Gabriele Nugara
P: Die Liebe in den Zeiten der EU by Björn Kuhligk

“Torturing” (Deutschland 2013) 4 min
D: Rebecca Blöcher
P: Quälen by Etta Streicher



Z-BAR, Bergstrasse 2

"Berlin-Based" Short Films

Presented by Z-Bar, Leo Kuelbs Collection and Directors’ Lounge

3:52-4:24 pm: “Walter” by Daniela Imhoff

Exp. Documentary, 32 mn


Walter was a Chief Pharmacist during WW2. 

He took part in the Russian campaign from 1941 to 1942. 

As a passionate amateur-filmmaker he shot the everyday life of the 129th Infanterie-Division.

70 years later, the historical footage is coincidentally passed on into the hands of his granddaughter, video artist Daniela Imhoff, initiating a process of reexamination of personal and family history. Comprising original footage of her grandfather and of Daniela Imhoff’s own journey to Russia, "Walter" documents a journey in the footsteps of war, focusing on questions of identity and relationship between the generations, and not least, reflecting upon the role of the camera as a means of meaning and reality production.

The Film, while labelled documentary, makes use of experimental technique and unconventional form, in order to be true to the material on one end, and to reflect upon certain issues raised in the process on the other.


4:25-4:50 pm: “A Voyeur’s Diary” by Sungeun Kim

English / Korean Subtitle; 25 mn

Digital HD

Germany, 2013

A Voyeur’s Diary is an epistolary-experimental film. It’s also a travelogue and melodrama of a female filmmaker who failed to make a pornographic film and instead turned the footage into a letter to her lover. In process, she is brought to disillusion that her attempts to pursue her desires displace herself from her own memory, unintendedly segregating the images from her memory-film. It compels her to make a decision to leave her own creation as well as her lover.


4:51-5:19 pm “Landstrich (Stretch of Land)” by Juliane Ebner

Handpainted film; 30 mn

Germany, 2016

A story about silence, remembrance and the power of narratives.

The half-hour-long short film Stretch of Land, based upon hundreds of drawings, tells of a German family's fate between the end of World War II and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The film begins with these sentences:

“After the war my grandmother had a bad conscience because she was still alive. Her husband gave her a pistol and told her, if the Russians come, she should shoot first the children, then herself, and she didn't do that.”

Like all films by the artist Juliane Ebner, Stretch of Land is inspired by her biography and not focused on official history but on individual perception.


5:20-5.35 pm: “From the End to the Beginning” by Amir Fattal

Digital Format; 14.22 mn

Germany, 2014

Performance video based upon Wagner’s “Vorspiel and Liebestod.”  Music by the Zafraan Ensemble, performed by Denise Beck, conducted by Holly Mathieson.



Produktion/produced by: Datenstrudel und Franz Müller

Time-based, Digital Medium; 16.00 mn


Sidney Martins, Jose van der Schoot, Anna Grisebach, Anna de Carlo, Göksen Güntel , Rainer Sellien, Judith Seiter, Thomas Gerber, Urs Fabian Winiger, Nike Fuhrmann, Abak Safaei-Rad, Zé de Paiva, Barbara Rotheuler, Erdinc Güler, Carolin Walter, Can Iltner, Jens Kraßnig, Harald Kempe, Li Schiffer, Flavio Cafiso, Elvira Chinaskj, Johnatan Carl, Charlotte Härtter, Defne Celik, Fidan Sirin, Yeliz Alagöz, Ezgi Dal, Michael Baute und vielen mehr.

Regie/director – Franz Müller und Angelika Herta

Produzenten/producers– Jörn Hintzer, Jakob Hüfner, Franz Müller

Regieassistenz/1st AD - Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck

Kamera/DOP - Matthias Schellenberg

Sound Design und Mischung – Olaf Dettinger

Ausstattung/set design - Juliane Friedrich

Ton/sound - Nikolas Mühe, Boris Manych

Kostüm/costumes - Katrin Berthold

A park in summer. People come and go. Two women talk about love, sex and getting older. A man jogs, another one dies. A remote controlled car comes into the picture. A whistling sound. In the background trees are being pruned. And while we humans in our innate desire to decipher patterns in everything that we see, try to figure out what is going on, a pattern appears in the image: A red diagonal cross of clothes and objects can be seen for a moment if one connects all the Red in the picture. Just to be blown away in the next moment.


6-10 pm: Directors’ Lounge Presents “Shots in the Light and in the Dark”

The first section is all about reception, pictophagia and the autopoietic beauty of images. 

The second is a wild rollercoaster about the eternal question "Have you ever seen an experimental film?"  Together it’s a buffet of tasty tidbits from 10 years of Directors Lounge, films about self -esteem, aliens, art, moms, toasters and the whole universe.

Program One (80 min), 6pm

Stefan Adamski (PL) Induction 3 min 2007
Neil Needleman (US) Meeskeit 7 min 30s 2009
Jes Benstock (GB) Phosphenes 10 min 2002
Michael Betancourt (US) The Kodak Moment 2 min 2013
Xavi Sala (ES) La Parabólica 12 min 2007
Sasha Waters Freyer (US) An Incomplete History of Pornography, 1979, 8 min 2013
Jean-Gabriel Périot (FR) 21.04.02 9 min, DV, 2002
Faith Holland (US) RIP Geocities  2 min 31s  2011
André Werner (DE) The Custom of Eating Pictures 9 min 1997
Santiago Parres EZO (ES) Sinecdoquanon 7 min 29s2011
Tokomburu / Zisis Kokkinidis and Ion Papaspyrou (GR) I Am Not Here Now 9 min 30 s 2013

Program Two (96 min), 8pm

Alexei Dmitriev (RU) Dubus 4 min 9s, DV, 2005
Coleman Miller (US) Uso Justo 22 min 2005
Matthew Lancit (FR/CA) 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32
Alexandru Ponoran (RO) Isac Inca Doarme 17 min 2012
Samuel Blain (GB) In Dreams 3 min 57s   2011
Bryan Konefsky (US) Miss Yummy Yummy 4 min 2012
Guy Maddin (CA) Sombra Dolorosa 7 min 35s
Nina Lassila (FI) Günter und Mutti  3 min 17s 2011 (Distributor: AV-arkki) 
Chema Garcia Ibarra (ES) The Attack of The Robots From Nebula-5
6min 20s 2008
Javier Chillon (ES) Decapoda Shock  9 min 15s  2011
Luca Zuberbuehler (CH) Lothar 13 min2013
Oliver Smith (GB) Bob by Oliver Smith 2 min 31s 2013



FATA MORGANA, 170 Torstrasse

4-6 pm: "Between Crowds and Empires"

6-8 pm: “Past Nor Present” by Carsten Becker

Media Art Installation Project


Book signing and exhibition with Sandra Ratkovic

FATA MORGANA, 170 Torstrasse

2:45-4 pm: “Examining Darkness"

37 mn/2 loops

Originally presented 2015.

Gothic video work by David Hall, Alex Schaefer, Susi Sie.

Curated by Thomas D. Rotenberg.

4-6 pm: “DIRECTORS LOUNGE Presents”

Length 91 mns./single loop

This third selection of work presented at Mitte Media Festival by Directors’ Lounge explores the boundaries where video art and cinema merge.  

1. James Harrar
Vlaamperd 2014, 5:54
2. Clemens Fürtler
Bildmaschine 07,Transit 2015 Austria 3:30 silent
3. Elaine Tedesco
Leme Posto 2011 Brazil, 2:59min
4. James Edmonds
Movement and Stillness 2015 DE 10:52 silent
5. Eric Stew
Rah Rah 2013, 3:58
6. Petra Lottje
Questions to the Moon, 2017, China-DE 4:46
7. Doris Schmid
LEG- 2012 DE 5:00min
8. Katya Craftsova
Time Conservation 2012, 6:19
9. Deborah Uhde
John D´Arcy & Deborah Uhde, 5:32
10. Bernd Lützeler
Unterwegs mit Maxim Gorkiy 2014 DE 10:14min
11. Sandra Becker
4 Clips for Loops 2015 BR-DE
12. Mélissa Faivre
The Space in Between 2016 DE 11:48
13. Gabriele Stellbaum
Honest Lies 2011 DE 9:45min (Oder Summer's Frost 2013 12min)
14. Mark Street
After Synchromy 2015 US 5:11
15. Felix Brassier. Thanos Chrysakis
Day Two Hundred Seventy Nine ­ Trails* 2014 FR-UK 4:22


6-8 pm: “Digital Fairy Tales: Album One"

36 mn/looping

Originally presented 2016.

Videos inspired by the collected Germanic fairy tales of Xavier von Schoenwoerth.

With work by Rani Messias+Kinga Toth , Sarah Mock+Daniela Imhoff, Richard Jochum+Kriss Roebling (THEORY), Integrated Visions+Miss Natasha Enquist, Radka Salcmannova, Thomas D. Rotenberg, Josh Graham

Curated by Sandra Ratkovic and Leo Kuelbs


"Digital Fairy Tales; Album Two"

Intro at 8 pm sharp!

45 mn approx./looping             

Celebrate the European Release of the second installment of the Digital Fairy Tales series!  The last set of video+sound art collaborations based upon the Germanic fairy tales of Xavier von Schoenwoerth collected in the late 18th century! 

Work by Keegan Luttrell + Justin King, Anton Marini + Danielle Ezzo, Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia, Daniela Imhoff, Kristian Pedersen + Elke Brauweiler, Boris Kralj + Matresanch, Michael McGuirk + Alex Hamadey. Curated by Sandra Ratkovic and Leo Kuelbs. Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection.

10 pm-12am:  AFTER PARTY sponsored by BRLO!


Z-BAR, Bergstrasse 2

4-5:05 pm: "Attachments"

30 mn approx./looping twice

“Attachments” is a set of three short films, set in three different countries, exploring what happens when fate intervenes, be it in the form of another person, an event, an affliction, etc. and attaches itself to us, effectively changing who we are forever. 

Work by Matl Findel, Miklos Buk , Danielle de Picciotto, Alexander Hacke and David Yow.

Presented by Z-Bar and Leo Kuelbs Colleciton.

5.06-6 pm: "Berlin-Based"

25 mn/looping twice

Group show of Berlin-based artists, loosely based on Berlin as a muse.

With work by Daniela Imhoff, Matl Findel, Sarah Mock, Vadim Schaeffler, Kristina Paustian, and Thomas Draschan.

Presented by Z-Bar and Leo Kuelbs Collection.

6-8 pm: "Berlin-Based: Gender and Sexuality"

40 mn approx./looping

Leave the kids home for this one.  A selection of content from a broad range of artists, covering an equally broad range of perspectives.

With work by Thomas Draschan, Christopher Winter, Franz Reimer, Kristina Paustian, Kai Teichert and Lan Hungh, and Jana Schulz.

Presented by Z-Bar and Leo Kuelbs Collection.

8-10 pm: "Hybrid Realities"

90 mn/single screening!

“Hybrid realities - about the smooth transition:” The screening includes a variety of video works that deal with the correlation of life & art and its smooth as well as non-smooth transitions. Similar to the strangely stuffed fox (shown on the screening poster) that happens to become a peculiar, aesthetic object, the artists approach moments of everyday life, different places, uninvolved people or unfamiliar professions and create new levels of meaning.

With Videos by Andrea Eva Gyori, Lukas Marxt, Julia Charlotte Richter and Barbara Hirn, Lucie Mercadal, Flaut M. Rauch and Ann Schomberg, Alex McQuilkin, Corinna Schnitt, Clemens Wilhelm, Sarah Mock, Stefan Ramirez Perez, BittebitteJaja

Curated by Sarah Mock.

Fata Morgana
Leo Kuelbs Collection
Last Night in Berlin




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