Mitte Media Festival 2018
Friday, April 20 - Saturday, April 21

Fata Morgana/coGalleries
Benhadj & Djilal
Torstrasse 170
Bergstrasse 2

Join Fata Morgana/coGalleries, Z-Bar, Leo Kuelbs Collection, Benhad & Djilal, BRLO, Chased Magazine, Kunstleben Berlin and Directors Lounge for the second annual MITTE MEDIA FESTIVAL! Lots of performance, art talks and videos of all kinds in the heart of Berlin's Mitte neighborhood.

Mitte Media Festival takes its creative cues from the neighborhood itself: a thriving international scene with its own deep German heart. Berlin-based artists are mixed with a variety of international creators to provide a cross-section of what's going on in the world of video and media art with a pretty heavy German twist!


FRIDAY, April 20


FATA MORGANA/coGalleries


4-6 PM

A Selection of work from “CRAP: A Beeple Retrospective”                

Run Time: 36 minutes

Online video artist and Internet phenomenon Beeple creates new works daily. See a selection of Beeple’s work culled from “CRAP: A Beeple Retrospective,” presented earlier this year at Made in New York Media Center by IFP in NYC.

Curated by Thomas D. Rotenberg


6-8 PM

"Berlin-based: Video Mix"

Run Time: TBD/Looping

Playlist: I-Am-Johannes, "Urban Landscapes," 2:09, 2017: Juliane Ebner - "Tage Und Nächte," 5:00, 2017; Johanna Keimeyer, "Death Of The Moment," 2:18, Teresa Delgado, "Verbosen Movimiento," 6:36, 2017; Nina E. Shönefeld, "The Rise of Black Wolf," 6:61, 2016; Saebom Kim, "Haiku," 6:16, 2015; Ma Yongfeng, "The Swirl," 15:06, 2002   


A selection of videos by Berlin-based artists. Part of an ongoing series presented at Mitte Media Festival and brought together by the Leo Kuelbs Collection.


8-10 PM


Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Kenton Turk

Introduction by Kenton Turk

Running Order: Andreas Gogol, Xarussel, 2017, DE, 7:02 , Angela Christlieb, Dein Falsches Spiel, 2017, DE, 3:13, Cecelia Chapman, Knuckleshop, 2014 USA, 00:58, Bernd Luetzeler, Untitled, 2017, DE, 8:32, Petra Lottje, Blinde Flecken, 2018, DE, 3:56, Gabriele Stellbaum, Close Huddle, 2017, DE, 4:30, Henry Gwiazda, Knowledge, 2017, USA, 3:05, Verena Kyselka, Omani Songbook, 2016, DE, 13:18, Eric Stewart, Helios, 2018, USA, 5:01, Max Sacker (DT) Belle de Lyon, 10:00, 2012 Jimmy Grima (MT) L-Iblah (The Fool) 10:00 2013, Oded Arad (IL) Bartholomew, 09:08, 2012, Karl F. Stewart (DT/US) Animaux Découpages, 04:33, 2012, Hiroki Mano (JP) Spiritual Meetin’, 05:26, 2016

Live Performance: Tristan Honsinger, Moeko Yamazaki and Woody Hoofer.


Here, DL will be doing a double-dig into its box of flickering tricks, with a program of shorts from both the Berlin International Directors Lounge Festival as well as the Urban Research side of things. There will be new projections as well, including, rumour has it, a mad monkey and film art that literally leaps into the room. Saying more would be telling.... Performers of the night include Tristan Honsinger (cello), Moeko Yamazuki (taiko drum) and the very odd Woody Hoofer (indescribable).



FATA MORGANA/coGalleries


6-7 PM

Caleb Screpnek

"An illustrated book of animal sex facts"

Book Preview

For the presentation, I will show some of the drawings/corresponding stories and discuss the absurdist nature of the book. My interest in this topic is born out of the fact that humans have often found meaning by paralleling the human existence with that of the animal kingdom. Love and sex are bewildering, so fawning over monogamous penguins offers us a

kind of comfort. The sharp reality to these fictions leaves us puzzled, amused, and without answers, which is exactly where I'd like my audience to be.


7-9 PM

Daniela Imhoff

"One night in Pjöngjang"

Video installation and Postcards from North Korea


9 PM-

Lea Brugnoli

"Conversations with simple objects"

A lamp, a functional object, it´s transformed, for an emotional experience. If I turn on the light, doesn’t mean I want to see things as they really are. Things have to be perceived according to the person which is looking at it. One of the scenarios offers a macro views of the reality. I put textures into motion and transform those textures in abstract and organic video contents. The second scenario offers a projection of the actual object. The audience can influence the abstract experience of the reality. It´s inspired at the time when I was very short-sighted. Since I had the surgery, I can see very good far, but I cannot see things close, as before.




5-6.25 PM

“In the Other Side, by Her Side”       

Run Time: 88 min

Artists: Amanda Teixeira, Ana Paula Pollock, Ananda Aliardi , Andressa Cantergiani, Camila Leichter, Dani Amorim, Daniela Távora, Deni Corsino,Lu Rabello, Lucia Koch, Marina Camargo, Marion Velasco, Natalia Schul, Rochelle Costi, Samy Sfoggia, Sandra Becker, Tula Anagnostopoulos, Viviane Gueller


Ao lado dela, do lado de lá (In the other side, by her side) curated by Elaine Tedesco is a proposal coming from Brazil, that presents contemporary videos of women artists. In the other side, by her side is organized in four interpenetrating axes: videos that are vectors of other works; daily records; video-performances; and fictions.


6.30-7.30 PM

“Art of the Music Video”

Run Time: 45 min


Playlist: 7fields, "What we have done," I-Am-Johannes, 2018; GAVRIELA, "Creatures," Rani Messias, 2017; Cinema Cinema, "Bomb Plot," David Hall & Thomas D. Rotenberg, 2017; "Nude Dance," Andre Werner, 2005; Tobias Christl, "Take On Me," Daniela Imhoff, 2014; Mary Ocher, "To The Light," Robin Lochmann, 2017; IIVII, "Painless," Josh Graham, 2017; Hindu, "There To Fight," Alina Rudya, 2017; Bankos, “Passzról Passzra,” Glowing Bulbs, 2014; Frances Gumm, "Take and Take," Wolf Vest, 1999; Richard Davis, "Singing A War," I-Am-Johannes, 2017


Musicians and visual artists are natural partners and music videos are a genre where they meet. A selection of promotional and artistic works presented in the rock and roll atmosphere of Z-Bar.



SATURDAY, April 21st           


FATA MORGANA/coGalleries


4-6 PM

“Japan Parade” (looping video program)                      

Run Time: 24 minutes

Work by: Kenji Kojima, Momoyo Torimitsu, Kenji Toma, Mami Kosemura, Motokp Wada, ON Megumi Akiyoshi, Yuki Ideguchi+Sigiure Ikeda+Masatora Goya

Curated by Kyoko Sato


A selection of works from some of Japan’s best-known video artists. Originally presented in NYC (2016) as part of the LIGHT YEAR program on the Manhattan Bridge.


6-8 PM

"Berlin-Based: The ZKM Connection"

Run Time: 62 minutes

Introduction by Thomas Zandegiacomo del Bel

Running Order: Susanne Wehr, “re:cut,” 15:00, 2017; Michael Saup, “Vor Sonnenaufgang,” 6:32, 2017; Marcel Schwittlick, “Fourchan Vacation,” 3:05, 2017, Matthias Fritsch, “City of Birds,” 4:30, 2017; Matthias Fritsch, “puremath-resisd,” 7:54, 2017; Matthias Fritsch, “puremath-fantom,” 6:24, 2017; Matthias Fritsch, “Honigbiene à la carte, “ 7:00, 2017, Matthias Fritsch, “Buteo / Flugstudie,” 1:00, 2017; Sina Seiler, “elefant,” 5:16, 2012; Herwig Hoffman, “it fell off a truck,” 5:41, 2011, Herwig Hoffman “A dialogue of Future Archeology,” 1:28, 2016


Screening curated by Thomas Zandegiacomo del Bel


The screening present a selection of Berlin-based artists, which are connected with or have worked at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. The ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe is a unique cultural institution worldwide, because it is a place that expands the original tasks of the museum.


8-10 PM

EUROPEAN DEBUT: “Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories                      

Run Time: 39 minutes

Introduction by Leo Kuelbs

Artists: Rani Messias + Anna Leevia, Suguru Kieda, Yuki Ideguchi + Isis Salem, Nicole Antebi + Xiren Wang, Lian Mengzhou + Kinga Toth, Nina Sobell +Laura Ortman, BORDOS, Junjie Zhang + Theory, Vivian Qin,

Curated by Leo Kuelbs, Wing Lu + Able Sun


"Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories" is the third installment of the Digital Fairy Tales series, which has appeared in multiple cities since 2016. "Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories" begins with four common aspects of Chinese Mythology: Birth of the Universe, Persistence, Love and Eternity. Artists were presented a set of stories based upon these concepts and asked to interpret the ancient ideas in the digital era.


10 PM-

Mitte Media Fest Party!

Brought to you by BRLO

+ Weird and Wonderful Silent Video Program

Playlist:Tomas Eller, "Construction Renderings 02" 2007, 4:19; Maria Naidyonova, "Black Cat," 2018, 1:12; Juliane Pieper, "Tank Of Love" GIF, 2018; Christine Schulz, “Untitled,” 3:12, 2015; Anatoly Rudakov, "Eternal City Rome" 5:10, 2018; Juliane Pieper, "Painting" GIF, 2018; Caspar Stracke, "urban super collider" 2015, 8:27; Eelco Brand, "FW-MOVIE," 2016; Juliane Pieper, "Pussy" GIF, 2018; Kim Joon, “CRADLE SONG - BLUE FISH,” 2009, 5:06  


FATA MORGANA/coGalleries


5-7 PM

Adrian Pocobelli          

"J.G. Ballard and the Visual Arts"

Public Lecture


Adrian Pocobelli is a Canadian visual artist living in Berlin. He wrote his Master's Thesis on J.G. Ballard's experimental novel 'The Atrocity Exhibition' in 2004, while studying at the University of Saskatchewan. In this lecture, Pocobelli will show the influence of the visual arts, particularly Surrealism, on J.G. Ballard's writing and philosophy.


7-9 PM

Bettina Henningsen and Sandra Ratkovic

"Simply the Best"

Poetry and Photography Projection

Autobiographic poems about life with cancer and chemotherapy. Photos of moments of cruelty, hope, loss and warmth.

Introduction by the artists.


9 PM

Mitte Media Fest Party!

Brought to you by BRLO + Sabrina Basten      

“The Kruskal-Carousel “

The investigation of gravity.

Paper is a serene and weightless area where everything is possible.

A spatial drawing, however, demonstrates that we never see the whole, that we always only perceive perspectives and imagine the rest. In this project animation is the medium to see what influences gravity and time may have on the physical and mental space.



5-6.30 PM

“DIGITAL FAIRY TALES: Albums One and Two”

Run Time: 70 minutes

Introduction by Leo Kuelbs and Sandra Ratkovic

Artists: ALBUM ONE: Rani Messias + Kinga Toth , Sarah Mock + Daniela Imhoff, Richard Jochum + Kriss Roebling, Integrated Visions + Miss Natasha Enquist, Radka Salmannova, Thomas Rotenberg, Josh Graham; ALBUM TWO: Keegan Luttrell + Justin King, Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia, Dada Imhoff, Kristian Pedersen + Elke Brauweiler, Anton Marini + Danielle Ezzo, Boris Kralj + Matresanch, Michael McGuirk + Alex Hamadey.

Curated by Leo Kuelbs and Sandra Ratkovic


For the first time in Berlin “Digital Fairy Tales: Albums One and Two” are presented together. Based upon a selection of German Fairy Tales brought together by Xavier von Schoenwerth in the 19th Century and reinterpreted in the Digital Age, this set of stories recently appeared at the International Short Film Week in Regensburg, Germany and the separate Albums have appeared in over a half dozen sites in Europe and the USA.


6.30- 8 PM

Interactive Video Installation

"Was vom Kino übrig blieb" (What remains from cinema), André Werner, 2018. The first in a series of installations capturing glimpses of cinematica.




Benhadj & Djilali

Torstrasse 170



Hamid Sulaiman - I WISH I WAS A TREE