Leo Kuelbs Collection

“Mysteries of Love”

Video Program for DIRECTORS’ LOUNGE

March 2019


Presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection

Video artists: Maria Naidyonova, Daniel Kostova, Radka Salkmonnova, Sarah Mock, Daniela Imhoff, Zoe Duchesne, MarieVicMarieVic, Kinga Toth

Sound artists: Danil Denisov,  Anna Leevia, Alex Hamadey, Daniela Imhoff, Kinga Toth, Theo Crocker


Leo Kuelbs Collection is proud to present “Mysteries of Love,” a group show exploring changing ideas of love and identity.  All of the visual material was created by female artists working with a variety of soundtrack collaborators from across Europe and the USA. 

Videos Included:

“Pieces,” by Maria Naidyonova (2019), “In the Jaws of the Merman,” by Daniela Kostova (2017), “Champion of Love,” by Daniela Imhoff (2017), “New Age Transformation,” by Radka Salcmannov (2017), “Who Am I,” by Sarah Mock (2017), “L’envolee,” by Zoe Duchesne (2016), “Chicks+Cock,” by MarieVicMarieVic (2016), “What is the New Game?” by Kinga Toth (2017)