Our Darkness

Dirk Lehr Collection, Großbeerenstraße 16, 10963 Berlin

Featured artists: Hans Peter Adamski, Andreas Golder, Drew Simpson, Christopher Winter

The art collectors Leo Kuelbs (New York) and Dirk Lehr (Berlin) show at the beginning of the dark season and the upcoming Halloween artists from their collections in a joint exhibition. 

The exhibition deals with the term darkness and its possibility of interpretation. The title Our Darkness by British singer Anne Clark was the inspiration for this.

Darkness [dahrk-nis or dɑːknəs]

Total absence of light, obscurity, blindness, dress code, pleasure, fetish,

religion, attitude of life, fantasy, mental condition, melancholy,

fear, traits, human chasm, evil

November 2019, 22nd (opening reception) : 7-10 pm

November 2019, 23rd : 2-7 pm

November 2019, 23rd : 4 pm - Art Talk hosted by Collectors Club Berlin