Hudson SuperMarket and Leo Kuelbs Collection
Meatlocker Gallery
310 Warren St.
Hudson, NY 12534

Lisa Mackie and Steve West
Paper, Text, and Textile
May 26th-July 1st , 2018

Opening Event: 
Saturday, May 26th

Paper, Text, and Textile
Leo Kuelbs Collection and Hudson SuperMarket are proud to announce Paper, Text, and Textile, feautring work by Lisa Mackie and Steve West. The Meatlocker Gallery and its environs will play host to different types of texts, printed on a variety of mediums. Poetry covered dress shirts mingle in the amazing SuperMarket space, while colorful, word-covered scarves appear in the Meatlocker. 

The texts serve as a basis from which other works have sprung. Mackie’s Horseshoe Crab-based series has given way to new drawings connecting her own past, present and future. While West’s wearable, readable poetry pieces offer a similar basis from which to consider multiple modes of creative communication at once.

All of this happens at Hudson SuperMarket, a repurposed grocery store currently serving as a home for mid-century Modern Antiquities. Hudson SuperMarket and its Meatlocker Gallery has been home to half dozen shows features artists from all over Europe and the USA. 



About the Artists
Lisa Mackie, is a New York artist, a master Printer, with a long and distinguished career. Besides her success as an individual artist, she has also collaborated with many, many others in order to more fully realize their own print-based works.

NYC-based artist Steve West’s printed works chronicle small and intimate moments of the everyday intimate life of the city itself. Through a fusion of photography, collaboration, printing-making and refurbished refuse, Steve West honors and illuminates what is often seen as our transitory connection to our own environments.