Leo Kuelbs Collection


Multi-channel 3D Video Mapping Event
In Celebration of the 2015 VW Passat

October 6th-December 3rd, 2014
Costa Navarino, Greece

“Re:definition” is a new, multi-screen + mapping project created by The Leo Kuelbs  Collection and Glowing Bulbs in celebration of the release of the 2015 Volkswagen Passat.  The title is a word play meaning “Regarding Definition,” which honors the  past as a means to define the present; as well as “Redefinition,” a representation of  an evolutionary moment realized. 

Various strands of the Passat’s DNA were visualized and explored.  Twisting, churning imagery: cities, machine and design elements, signal visions from the line’s  history, were presented on three massive screens to over 20,000 onlookers over the course of nine weeks.  A 3D environment; an immersion into the Passat’s DNA.  

Then a POV thrill ride through a virtual Costa Navarino countryside shifts focus:  it’s the 2015 Passat itself.  A diamond, a powerful representation of a defining moment in the line’s living DNA.  The past has brought us here, but the 2015 Passat is a revelation, a clear statement of intent, designed to move with dynamic certainty into  the future.

“Re:definition” was not only a stunning visual experience for those in attendance.  It also marks a powerful step forward in the scale and representation of possibilities realized for the Leo Kuelbs Collection and Glowing Bulbs.  It is a culmination of three amazing years of collaboration and a glimpse into what lies ahead.

All images from “Re:definition” by The Leo Kuelbs  Collection and Glowing Bulbs