Leo Kuelbs Collection Presents:

“Zeitpunkt: Art from Observation”          

Work by: Sandra Ratkovic, Daniela Imhoff, Anatoly Rudakov, Maria Naidyonova


Two Shows:

Atelier Alen

Baaderstraße 34

80469 Munich


March 16th-April 16th



Studio Weissensee

Pistoriusstraße 100

13086 Berlin


April 26th-April 29th


“Zeitpunkt: Art from Observation”

“Zeitpunkt: Art from Observation” begins with artists working from what they see.  No pure concept or abstraction, but inspiration drawn from a moment observed.   Four different artists approach this notion through photography, drawing, painting and video.  Capturing a second in one’s imagination, then growing it into a freestanding representation of life, a flower from a seed of everyday existence.


“Zeitpunkt: Art from Observation” begins in downtown Munich at Atelier Alen, then reappears in Berlin as the introductory show to the new Studio Weissensee, during Berlin’s annual Gallery Weekend.  As part of the Leo Kuelbs Collection, Studio Weissensee is a space for selected artists to create and present their works at mostly private events in a relaxed and supportive environment. 


Artist Information:

Video and Sound artist Daniela Imhoff is a graduate from UDK, Berlin and her works have appeared all over Germany, as well in the USA on the Manhattan Bridge, Made in New York Media Center by IFP (both in Brooklyn), and Miami, FLA. 

More information at: http://danielaimhoff.de/


Anatoly Rudakov is a photographic-based artist exploring ideas of time, often presented in single-framed works.  His new work uses video as a means to further examine time-based, observational objects and moments that inspire.  His past as a celebrated cameraman for television in Russia and the U.K. places him in a perfect position from which to realize the potential of seemingly everyday moments.

More information at: http://www.rudakov.de/


Maria Naidyonova is a Ukrainian-born, Berlin-based fine artist, specializing in evolved figurative painting and drawing.  With two Fine Arts Masters Degrees and work in several collections, Ms. Naidyonova’s work captures and infuses moments with the hidden meaning inherent in the everyday. 

More information at: https://www.marianaidyonova.com/


Sandra Ratkovic’s recently published book of photographs, “Sandra Ratkovic: Moskau, Moscow, Mockba,” was released in 2017 to wide acclaim.  Iconic images arise and illuminate Russian life with surprising vibrancy.  Her newest work continues in this trend, though her observational eye has other sites in mind. 

More information at: http://sandra-ratkovic.com/