Endless Bridge

 Four-Channel Public Video Art Event
as part of Dumbo Arts Festival
September 24th - September 26th; 8pm - Midnight
Opening Event: September 25th; 9 - 11pm
46 Water St.
Work shown on both sides of Manhattan Bridge, Anchorage at Front and Adams/Pearl, Jay and Water St. wall, and West Elm windows at Front and Main St.


Usually transition is considered a binder, connecting seemingly complete, separate parts, like a bridge in a song. But when the change, the bridge, is actually longer and more intense than the pieces it is seeks to connect, doesn’t the transition, with all its chaos and upheaval, become the actual rule as opposed to the exception? “The Endless Bridge” is a series of video-based installations exploring the notion of transition, not only as a means of connection, but as a place itself.

Work from a selected group of international-level video artists projected (or back-projected) on multiple sites in Dumbo, creates a consistent atmosphere of gentle, consistent transition. This idea reflects not only the increasing speed of technological momentum, but also the neighborhood itself as an example of transition and growth as a constant instead of an exception. 


Presented by:
Dumbo Arts Festival
Perception A.V. of New York
Higgins-Fried Attorneys @ law
Leo Kuelbs Collection
New York City Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program under its Arterventions public art track
West Elm


Video Art by:
Christine Schulz
Ryan Uzilevsky
John E. Parker
Vadim Schäffler
Farkas Fülöp
Thomas Draschan
Adriana Varella
Paul Rascheja
St. and St.
Claire Scoville
Denis Salivanov
Matl Findel

Curated by: 
Leo Kuelbs
Adam Nankervis

Photo Credit:
Christine Schulz, Still from “Skispringer,” 2008