Leo Kuelbs Collection

Adriana Varella
“Meeting God” Installation

As part of “Future=Fertile” and The Leo Kuelbs Collection

Adriana Varella, “Meeting God,” Video Installation, Leo’s Kuelbs’ Bed/ 4 projectors/ 4 DVDs / Skull / Sarcophagus, Variable Dimension, Edition of 1, 2008/2009

Adriana Varella’s “Meeting God” was the flagship installation of Leo Kuelbs Collection’s 2009 show “Future=Fertile.”  Initially inspired as an “bed-based” installation, “Meeting God” went on to include four channels projected onto a plaster skull and sarcophagus, the bed itself, and a wall installation.  Considered an important part of Varella’s cannon, the piece presented sexuality as an entry and exit point into the subconscious as well as a variety of abstract life-cycle based narratives.

A one-time installation, all that remains are files, photos and the remaining objects: a fitting finish to a piece tapped into an individual human’s terrestrial connection to the spiritual, the infinite.


Photos: Still from Adriana Varellas's "Meeting God" Video Installation, 2009, as part of "Future=Fertile" and The Leo Kuelbs Collection.  Photos by Paul Assimacopoulos