Curator Leo Kuelbs has presented dozens of artistic events around the world. Public art, luxury marketing, video art and multi-city programs are all part of Mr. Kuelbs’ internationally recognized practice. This combination of endeavors has garnered publicity in publications great (Vogue/Interview/) and small (dozens of blogs in NYC and Europe).

Mr. Kuelbs focuses on collaborative projects with an emphasis on conceptual infrastructure, approaching projects from multiple angles and perspectives. As a founding member of collaborative arts group, 3_Search and the CEO of The Leo Kuelbs Collection, Mr. Kuelbs is poised to continue the development of this multi-perspective practice.

Recent mapping related shows include "Evolution²" presented with Martha Stewart for Dom Perignon (July, 2014), as well as “The Diamond Sky” (April, 2014) presented at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum for Tiffany and Company. Public art events include “Blueprints and Perspectives” (Dallas, Texas, 2013), “Illuminated Ops” (Washington D.C. 2013) “Codex Dynamic” presented on the Manhattan Bridge in 2012, as well as “The Expanding Universe” and “Divine Coalescence” for Dom Perignon. Gallery shows including “Submerged!” and “The Decelerator” have appeared in multiple cities between 2011 and 2014.

Upcoming events include: “Submerged!” at The Dumbo Art Festival (Brooklyn, September, 2014), “The Net of Mirrors” (multiple cities, 2015), “Reflective/Perspective” (Frankfurt Film Museum, Spring 2015).