“Expanding Universe” featured on Huffington Post

Huffington Post features "Expanding Universe."

Here is an excerpt from the article "Projection Mapping with Leo Kuelbs and Dom Perignon" by Aleks Eror:

Splitting his time between Brooklyn and Berlin, multi-media curator Leo Kuelbs has a personal well of experience that spans luxury marketing, mass communications, public art, and theatre that he uses to create huge, reality-warping projection mapping displays. For his latest project "The Expanding Universe" Kuelbs collaborates with champagne powerhouse Dom Pérignon in a public video art display inspired by their prestigious bottle of bubbly, the Dom Pérignon 2004 Vintage.
The project features rapidly morphing, 3D animation projected onto the regal façade of Dom Pérignon's 7th century womb, the Abbey d'Hautvillers, exploring a musical and visual analogy of the brand's DNA and its evolution over the centuries. It celebrates the brand's heritage, and conceptualises how age-old practices, like dom Pierre Pérignon's 17th century champagne production, can blur the boundaries between past, present and future.

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