Leo Kuelbs Collection Mid-Summer Arts for 2017

Image Courtesy of Maria Naidyonova

Image Courtesy of Maria Naidyonova

Hello Friends and Colleagues,
Welcome to the Leo Kuelbs Collection Mid-Summer Arts Update for 2017!
Before we jump in, I want to thank the artists and supporters of a long list of recent events including the Mitte Media Festival and Spring Forth at Fata Morgana in Berlin, and both “Digital Fairy Tales” (co-curated with Sandra Ratkovic), which appeared in multiple cities, including Berlin, NYC and the spiritual home of stories in Regensburg, Germany.  Great support has come from Tom Rotenberg and the team at MINY by IFP in DUMBO, Brooklyn; along with LIGHT YEAR partners GLOWING BULBS, John Ensor Parker, the DUMBO BID and NYC DOT!  Konstantin Kopietz and coGalleries were big helps in Berlin along with Director’s Lounge and Dani Imhoff, who helped A LOT with the Mitte Media Fest.  I have talked and worked with so many creative, supportive people that it gives me much needed hope when I encounter the news and all of the bad vibes floating around in everyday reality.
All in all, Leo Kuelbs Collection has been a part of presenting the work of over 300 artists and curators in the last year!
We are hosting a lot of shows coming up and hope to see you at some of them—ALL of them would be great, but even I cannot manage that.  If anyone can manage to make all of these shows, let me know and you will get a nice prize.  Seriously!
Now for the LKC mid-Summer show list::::
Fata Morgana/coGalleries in Berlin             
First of all, Fata Morgana/coGalleries in Berlin has been the site of a lot of great events hosted by LKC, coGalleries. And K. Kopietz. You can get info on all of them at the Fata Morgana Facebook page.
Fata Morgana
Torstrasse 170
Internet Pop by Adrian Pocobelli and Nancy Jones
Opening: July 27th
7 p.m.
Through July 30th
The next LKC event at Fata Morgana is Adrian Pocobelli and Nancy Jones'  Internet Pop, which features the artists’ work created directly from and responding to the Internet and how its random/forced reality affects our reality.  Also, it should be pretty funny and fresh stuff.
RSVP here!

Look for a very special show with Britta and Ron Helbig coming up late October at Fata Morgana/coGalleries with the Day of the Dead as its basis…
Monthly/Every First Thursday
Manhattan Bridge Anchorage/Online              
Supported by 3_Search (Glowing Bulbs, John Ensor Parker, Leo Kuelbs Collection), DUMBO BID, NYC DOT
Light Year continues its amazing run!  Now in its third year, LIGHT YEAR has included contributions from countless artists and curators from all over the globe.  If you aren’t clued in, LIGHT YEAR is a monthly selection of video art projected onto the Manhattan Bridge, and every show appears online for 24 hours FOR FREE.  The show has been presented as a back-projection at Fata Morgana in Berlin, but we will only feature this now for certain shows.
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Check out the LIGHT YEAR live stream!

LIGHT YEAR 28: “Brooklyn-based”
Thursday, August 3rd
8:30-10 pm
Pearl at Anchorage Place
Pop-up Reception at Archway Café (57 Pearl St.)
8:30-9:45 pm        
Brooklyn-Based is a set of videos all including work from artists based in Brooklyn, and as part of the Leo Kuelbs Collection. Created specifically for the LIGHT YEAR program, Brooklyn-Based is designed to celebrate local artists and their contributions to the LIGHT YEAR program and the Brooklyn community as a whole.

Featuring works from: Shir Lieberman, Jonathan Phelps + Alon Cohen, Visakh Menon + Heavy Birds, Thomas D. Rotenberg + Jarboe, Nicole Antebi + Laura Ortman, Integrated Visions + Miss Natasha Enquist, Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia, Naormi Meijia Wang + John Terhorst
More info is available here!

Other upcoming LKC events appearing as part of LIGHT YEAR:
October 2017: LIGHT YEAR: Oktoberfest
November 2017: LIGHT YEAR: Identity 0.0: Identity is shifting in this new digital era.
February 2018: LIGHT YEAR:  Avalanche! Silent videos dealing with the inability to be heard.
March 2018: LIGHT YEAR: Digital Fairy Tales: Chinese Stories
Implication and Instigation
Paintings and Sculptures by Maria Naidyonova and Thomas Lendvai
Opening Event:
Saturday, August 5th
6-9 p.m.
Hudson SuperMarket
310 Warren St.
Hudson, NY 12534
Through September 12th, 2017
Implication and Instigation
Join Hudson SuperMarket and the Leo Kuelbs Collection for the opening of “Implication and Instigation,” a selection of paintings and sculptures by American Artist Tom Lendvai and Ukrainian-born, Berlin-based Maria Naidyonova.  Set in and around Hudson SuperMarket’s Meat Locker Art Space, this selection of works reacts with its environment offering a fresh platform from which to encounter art works.
Both artists will be present and refreshments will be served.

Tom Lenvai’s geometric-based sculptures assert themselves into space through a unique understanding of architecture and his use of provocative geometrical juxtapositions.  This is Hudson SuperMarket’s second show with Lendvai after last year’s successful debut.
Maria Naidyonova’s figurative-based works use tension, texture, gesture and implication to a fresh and unexpected effect.  Naidyonova is one of Berlin Germany’s most exciting emerging artists and “Implication and Instigation” marks her North American debut.
Images and additional info available here.
In Closing:
As you can see, we have a lot of fun stuff going on this late summer, and not only video work!  Please try to stop by whenever and wherever you can. 
Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Goodbye for now and more soon!
Leo Kuelbs